The Post Mortems

The Post Mortems

 Davenport, Iowa, USA

A bassist and a drummer who sound like a 5 piece band from 1994.


The Post Mortems kicked out band members until there were only two people left who could stand one another. Then they took their act on the road.

Flanked by two powerful bass rigs and one overly-complex pedalboard, bassist and vocalist Devin Alexander's manic and dynamic performance style is a perfect match to drummer Al Raymond's 'Animal' inspired rhythm force, somehow encapsulating Keith Moon and John Bonham into one long-haired human drum machine that simply never stops moving.

Inspired by their mutual disdain for modern radio, The Post Mortems craft songs that draw comparisons to The Doors, Failure, The Dresden Dolls, and even Gary Numan. They have also been known to cover The Ace of Spades by Motorhead.


'A Cracked and Crooked City Waves Hello' EP
'October Swords' compilation EP
'Cracked and Crooked' LP (in production)

Set List

1 Flarelight
2 Hard
3 Golden
4 Bloodwine
5 Jackalope
6 I Am I
7 Never, Never
8 Fall of Home
9 Legend
10 Hope Falls
11 Brother
12 Striptease