The Pounders

The Pounders


The Pounders are a 3 piece rockin' blues band who hail from Mississippi where all the great blues comes from! They have pounding energy that won't quit and a no-holds-barred boogie blues attitude.


The Pounders were formed in 1992 by Mike Swain and Bob McKinney. Mike was schooled by legendary Mississippi bluesman, James "Son" Thomas. Bob grew up in a musical family with his father being a band leader and music teacher. They wanted to develop a more high-energy style of blues that featured original material. They enlisted John Kliner and together they formed The Pounders, a high-energy blues band with shades of rock, jazz, and funk mixed in with emphasis on performing original music. One reviewer has said "It's unbelievable how much sound comes from these three musicians!" They are truly a power-blues trio. This kind of blues will wake you up and make you feel it, then its pounding grooves will have you up and dancing like crazy!
They have recently added Matt Kimbrough (of Birmingham) to play drums and is an excellent addition to the band.


Rockin' The Blues, Vent Records, 1997

Set List

There is never a set is whatever comes to Mike's mind and follows the feeling of the crowd in front of him! He will do most of his originals as well as Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo, Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Albert King, and Chuck Berrry....just to mention a few!