The Pralines

The Pralines

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sweet and nutty, blending rich slices of Americana with a 60s flavor. Singer songwriter Pamela Richardson presents love songs in a resonant voice, expressing a fluid range. A genuine air of originality, thanks to Richardson’s beautiful alto vocals, ear for harmony and innovative arrangements.


Craving a taste of definitive roots/cabaret Americana to satisfy that sweet popspot? Look no further. The Pralines blend folk ballad style with rock circa post-British Invasion – those mid-1960s halcyon days when pop music was enjoying a Renaissance and garages coast to coast rang with the sound of Rickenbacker guitars. The band’s first CD, Song of the Day Café, engaged listeners with a story assortment evoking a dreamy, travelogue quality. Now, with their sophomore release, A Beautiful View, The Pralines once again invite their audience to embark on a musical journey and throw away the maps.

The Pralines are led by singer songwriter Pamela Richardson. Hailing from America’s heartland, with her soul firmly entrenched in France, Richardson pens songs that reflect her observations of life, love, loss and hope, as well as her passion for exploring the road less traveled. On Richardson’s watch, The Pralines drift from a rural summer carnival to a rain-soaked Parisian café, through the yellow hills of Oklahoma to a smoky Texas honky-tonk, from the banks of the St. Lawrence River to a foggy harbor in northern California. Her sultry alto has been compared to 60s French pop legend Françoise Hardy, and it’s that mix of the familiar with the slightly exotic that brings a poignant charm to her songwriting.

Lead guitarist and longtime collaborator Ric Salazar weaves effortlessly throughout each tuneful mise-en-scène – providing a sterling lead here, a 12-string jangle there, or opting for a mandolin waltz. He also takes lead vocal on a rollicking cover of “Silver Raven,” composed by the late great Gene Clark. Thanks to a superlative rhythm section comprising bassist Bruce Hutchison and percussionist Danny McClain, bass lines roll like distant hills while the drums steadily count off the miles. Fresh new Praline Sarah Roodhouse, the band’s latest addition, brings to the mix strong harmony vocals and keyboard influences ranging from classical to folk roadhouse, perfectly complementing Salazar’s leads.

The Pralines’ music has aired on myriad radio stations spanning the U.S., as well as being featured on European programs focusing on Americana and folk rock. Gracing stages from San Francisco to Boston, from Toronto to Austin, The Pralines can belt it out in a night-owl haunt, or settle in and croon unplugged in a coffeehouse. Whether rocky road or acoustic swirl, the sweet sound of The Pralines – like the chewy confection from which the band draws its name – is guaranteed to stick in your head.


Paris and My Own Life Passing

Written By: Pamela Richardson

That early morning
Sheets of rain like a reverie
without a warning
But I don’t know from suddenly
Like two hearts in tune, the tune eludes me
But I don’t mind at all, I’ll bide my time
till the conclusion

In the itinerary
To still be wanting
All the ghosts of my desires
I’m on fire with their pleasant haunting
If ever I should fall from this perfection
I’ll know I had it all for awhile

A girl is sighing, writing
Tears and rain fill her open book
In her secondhand English
she throws her question like a baited hook
Why is it men move on, while women cry awhile
It’s the forgotten flame that won’t die
No matter how we try

Footstomp reminder
Cheap champagne at the cabaret
Floodlight and moonbeams
that the singer’s shadowfingers play
The mass affection was all his before the curtain was drawn
Loving arms rush ‘round the island like the Seine before the dawn
Comes the dawn

Medieval cobblestones
have a laugh behind my back
I cast a longing eye
as I wish and hope for all I lack
I’ve never had it all mine for the asking
It’s only Paris and my own life passing by
Just like the stars along the Seine

What to Do About You

Written By: Pamela Richardson

The snow is drifting and the bus I’m on is air-conditioned
I must be missing something bigger than my field of vision
I’m kinda wishing that the year was nineteen hundred fifty-two
Here comes the introspective tripe that’s so embarrassing
I’m blowing kisses to a dream that I’ve been cherishing
Such an abuse of time and yet the diamond still can shine true
I don’t know what to do about you

Sometimes we miss the beat, sometimes we’re just like kissin’ cousins
Your hand comes out to me, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t
Sometimes we’re symbiotic, sometimes we’re idiotic, too
I don’t know what to do about you

Our separate corners are so warm
both offer shelter from the storm
Seems like a thousand miles
this little stone’s throw to your door

The bus has stopped and now I gotta go that final mile
The sidewalk cracks and turns and still reminds me of your smile
I hope I get the message, and learn my lesson through and through
Then I’ll know what to do about you
I don’t know what to do about you

Redeye to Loveland

Written By: Pamela Richardson

What was I thinking when I said goodbye
What were you thinking when you let me go
I had some high-flying business plans
I shook up Wall Street but I didn’t know
That life could be so lonely when the offices close
Men all wink and buy me drinks
And I think right out loud how much I need you / Right now I need you

Look for me on the redeye to Loveland
I’ll be flying all night straight to you and the light of your day
On the redeye to Loveland
My luggage is all carry-on so I can run to you without delay

Maybe I felt the need to prove a point
Guess it was something I just had to try
Guess I’m not sorry that I made a good showing
Now winds are blowing to that homeward sky
So okay, I made a fortune
And okay, I earned a title
Now I’ve packed my Ferragamos
And I’m flying out tonight to something real

Look for me on the redeye to Loveland
I’ll be flying all night straight to you and the light of your day
On the redeye to Loveland
My luggage is all carry-on so I can run to you without delay

So they can keep their great big apple
They can keep their Empire State
They can keep their three-card monty
They can praise or curse their fate
I’m going home

Look for me on the redeye to Loveland
I’ll be flying all night straight to you and the light of your day
On the redeye to Loveland
My luggage is all carry-on so I can run to you without delay

In Oklahoma

Written By: Pamela Richardson

None so brave about me
On and on with or without me
Just a fraction of the Cherokee I claim
With a fever for the music all aflame

Promised land unfurls before me
Sacred denizens ignore me
As I dodge the armadillos unconcerned
I start thinking they share secrets to be learned
In Oklahoma

Lonesome lonely for my love
Quietin’ magnolia and foxglove
In Muskogee with a glass of cheap Merlot
Nursing rhymes outside the margins that I know
Just a stone’s throw / In Oklahoma

What a friend we have in time
Down by the river Brandywine
The pines all whispering ‘tomorrow’

Hills the shade of Indian curry
Fade as I cross into Missouri
Where the buffalo are few and far between
Though I long for home, I’m not entirely keen
On leaving Oklahoma


Song of the Day Cafe - CD, Spade Kitty Records.
Spaghetti Midwestern - solo EP, indie release.
Both have received varied indie/college station airplay.


Pralines Unplugged on YouTube:

Set List

Average 30-40 minute set:
While Bethy Dances
What to Do About You
Midnight Water
Paris and My Own Life Passing
Unlikely Undertaking
Al Tuo Fianco
The War Around the Corner