The Preakness

The Preakness


Jangly lo-fi pop/rock, tape hiss, spatial relations, dogs and cats living together.


the preakness

Phone: 404-226-2179

Quick view:
Atlanta three piece formed in spring of 2006. We play the rock music.

Matt Glagola � drums
Tracy Clark � bass/vocals
Brandon Arnold � guitar/vocals

RIYL: GBV, Versus, Guv�ner Yo La Tengo, Butterglory, Sebadoh, Pavement, Go Betweens, Eric�s Trip, Sonic Youth, Smog

The Preakness is the shortest of the three races in horse racing's Triple Crown, and places a premium on brevity and economies of effort. The race itself usually clocks in at about the length of a pop song...Atlanta trio The Preakness has much in common with its racing namesake. Its trademark jangly tunes typically span the length of the fabled race, with no wasted notes.

The 13 songs on its debut LP, A Class Act in a Bad Situation began as simple sketches, etched out over miles of audio tape, originally recorded in a dark basement on a second hand 4-track. Songwriter Brandon Arnold toiled over years crafting these pop gems, never quite able to let go of the aesthetic he cut his teeth on...the hook-laden simplicity of the low-fi 90's.

In the winter of 2006, the Preakness moved from the basement to the practice space as Brandon found common musical ground with bassist/vocalist Tracy Clark, and drummer Tim Genius. The trio spent the next two years re-sculpting the primitivism of those early demos. The tape hiss and quaint flubbery of Brandon�s early demos quickly gave way to a more cohesive sound built on natural harmonies and a fierce rhythm section. Yet, as a trio, the evolving sound of the Preakness kept intact the quiet, disjointed melodic revelry of Brandon's early demos. Never afraid to let arrangements careen into the noisier, more unpredictable territories, as a band the Preakness frequently draws comparisons to their like-minded forbearers � The Go Betweens, Sebadoh, Guided by Voices, Eric's Trip, and Versus � and its members wear these influences proudly.

After the departure of Tim Genius in 2008, drummer Matt Glagola joined the band, solidifying the current lineup. With the release of A Class Act in a Bad Situation, The Preakness is out of the gate and running strong.

Notable shows: Paste Rock and Reel Festival, the Rosebuds, French Kicks, Centromatic, Portastatic, Celebration, Sound Team, Cold War Kids, Magnapop, Ultrababyfat, Luigi, the Selmanaires, Corndog-o-rama.


- A Class Act in a Bad Situation. Released on Two Sheds Records March 28, 2009. Track List: 1. Wax On 2. Frog Logic 3. What They're Saying 4. This Drive 5. Before You Fell 6. The Spoke 7. Water's Edge 8. I Thought I Was in Control 9. Air Traffic Controller 10. On the Couch 11. Killing Time 12. A Hit 13. Way to Shore

- Demons - 7" vinyl. Released on Eskimo Kiss Records March 2008. 1. I Thought I Was in Control 2. What They're Saying 3. On the Couch 4. Demons