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Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
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The Prelude @ Spring Fling @ Centro

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

The Prelude @ Spring Fling @ Centro

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

The Prelude @ BBC Radio Manchester 95.1 FM

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Manchester, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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online article

The Prelude are a boisterous sextet from Derry. Friends from childhood now based in Liverpool and as yet unsigned, these young bucks are holding down jobs by day and doing what they do best by night –playing raucous, utterly infectious, folk tinged country blues, the kind that warms you like a beam of sunshine, and has the most timid of souls practicing their rock star swagger when nobody’s looking.

Already favourites in their adopted city, with gigs as tightly packed as a rush hour Tube, momentum has been steadily, and justly, building about these guys. When you hear their excellent mini album, Moving To The Country - Never Coming Back (out 14 April) you’ll understand why many are falling for their laidback charms…

For the full interview, get your copy of The Irish World. - The Irish World 25/03/2008

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Any group who refer to the guitar as "the gitbox" are always going to be worth a listen. Describing themselves as "less rock and more roll", Liverpool's The Prelude are a bewildering proposition. Melding Dylan with the wildness of The Pogues they have crafted a sound that is drowning in whiskey, rhythm and thought. Tight, dexterous and laden with hooks it would be easy to get lost in their unified Irish jamboree of big choruses and whimsical folk. However beneath the collective euphoria lies true lyrical depth. Telling sad stories with an expert eye, eloquent narratives rich in texture are weaved; all pathos, melancholy and social observation. Overwhelming live, it would be impossible to not be swept up in their shamelessly high spirits. Not to mention the all-for-one-hedonism of their after parties which are so raucous they provoked a Neighbourhood Watch protest march. - Clash Magazine

Originally from Londonderry, the rambuctious Irish sextet are rising stars in their adopted hometown. A sunny mix of country and blues, they have been described as "music to get drunk to on a Saturday night" in a wholesome, Guinness and singalongs way, not teenage girls falling over after too many Bacardi Breezers way. - The Times

BBC Introducing brings you the music of The Prelude, a hard-drinkin’, good time band of rock n’ rollers who sound like a knees-up session in your favourite Irish bar.

The Prelude are six pals from Derry, who relocated their good time sing-a-long brand of folky rock n’ roll to their adopted hometown of Liverpool. Best friends since childhood, the band formed on the streets of Derry and soon relocated to Liverpool’s thriving music scene where they have honed their songwriting skills and continued to gather fans at live shows.
Folk Rock

Garvan, Charlie, Darren, Ryan, Joe, Aidan and Brian wear their influences on their sleeves. Tales of joy, despair and life resonate with the everyman and permeate their after-hours, whiskey-soaked country-rock jams, calling to mind Dylan, The Band and The Pogues.

With their current album ‘Moving to the Country – Never Coming Back’, the band have cemented their potential and have started to receive accolades and support, not only from the press, but from websites like We7, the digital music website founded by Peter Gabriel. -

The Prelude are a bowl-you-over delight. Their omnipresent charm and killer tunes convince even the most non-believing audience to join in. This Liverpool-based six piece are gaining considerable momentum, ones to watch!

Originally from Derry but finding their home in Liverpool, the Prelude prove that bands that play together, stay together. They've developed a strong sound over the years, learning their instruments (and other people's) side by side and living like brother's out of eachother's pockets.

As friends and musicians since the age of sixteen, they continue to inspire themselves to new heights, impressing crowds with their energy and spirit. Playing everything from Parsons-inspired country, to blues-infused acoustic jams, they are never short of a song to sing.

Already attracting a large fan base within the music industry and with the general public, the rolling Irish six piece are gaining considerable momentum. Steeped in an unapologetic freewheelin' attitude and married to high-spirited musicianship, The Prelude continue to pioneer their bombastic and heartfelt musical cavalcade across the country. -

When presenting their full band electric set they do so with a swagger and joyous elegance, blending their Celtic roots with a hint of country and some driving r'n'b... I will catch them again and so must you! -

Choruses catchier than the common cold. See them once, you will see them again. And again. And again. - NME Magazine

This band came all the way from Liverpool to play a festival in Toronto, and fortunately for the people of Buffalo, NY they took a quick trip over the border and performed 2 awesome sets at the Shannon Pub!

This band is FABULOUS! 6 young men, originally from Derry, Ireland, now based out of the UK. Nice personable guys who said they were trying to beat their jet lag with drinking! I tried to manipulate myself a ride with them to Toronto for the next day’s festival, but unfortunately for me, they were going to be flying home out of Toronto, so there went the return ride home!

Their sound had a “Beatles” influence; with a hard edge, yet also with a rolling beat, that keeps me from sitting still while their tunes are playing (live or otherwise!) There’s also a country influence in their music, and almost Johnny Cash(esq) style, but still with that fantastic rolling beat! Loved all of their music, from their ballads, to their harder edge songs! Hopefully they’ll come back to the States soon! -

The Barfly venue is sometimes harsh on support acts, with its ensuite bar too temptingly close to the viewing area, it has often attracted more patrons than the stage area. A remedy for this discomfort is found by the sonorous and varied rockers The Prelude, whose shuddering volume and weighty Shane Mcgowan-esque vocal projection coupled with thrusting backing elements, at one point makes their focused folk/punk sound glaring enough to kid those patronising the bar into thinking that The Pogues are in the house, and they are as raw as ever. A 70s blues/rock meander of 'I Lost My Phone' adds heart and scything regret to a set of lyrical snap and wandering musical craft. 'Leave Me On A Sunday' continues the bluesy nature and instils a mood of mournful regret, projected straight from the heart. The Prelude is the most complete act so far and they plant a seed of intrigue in the mind through their earthy nature. This is enough to make you want to rummage through the shelves of Independent Record Stores, to test the band's ability at transferring their mood swapping range and cohesive musical focus onto CD. -

A drunken orgy of musical talent, omnipresent charm and killer tunes to convince even the most non-believing audience of the clout of the craic. Steeped in an unapologetic freewheelin' attitude and married to high-spirited musicianship, The Prelude continue to pioneer their bombastic and heartfelt musical cavalcade across the country. -


- Hold On Gently on BBC UK streaming audio website
- "The Shakey Tree EP", 2005
- "Elevator Demos '07", 2007
- "Elevator Demos '07 - 2", March 2008
- "Moving To The Country - Never Coming Back" mini-album, Spring 2008
- "Live at Zanzibar Club, June 2007" live DVD, Spring 2008
- download only single "No Sleep For The Rain / 86 Blues / By The Holy Well (live)", October 2008
- download only Christmas EP "Montreal / I'm Not Gonna Make It Home For Christmas", 22nd December 2008

- new studio album to be released March 2009



Marrying the pathos of Dylan, the melodies of The Band and the drunken celebration of The Pogues, The Prelude have shaken audiences up and down the country with their unique brew of classic song-writing and good time rock and roll.

The Prelude write songs for the everyman; slur-along classics to be heard spilling from drinking establishments, football terraces and the radio alike. Their songs tell bleary-eyed tales of joy, despair and confusion wrapped in hook laden melodies and choruses begging to be sung by the masses. Theirs is a music that is contagious, unassuming and universal.

Best friends since the age of dot, the band lived and learned on the backstreets of Derry before moving to Liverpool to hone their talent for songwriting, musicianship and drinking. Here, in their adopted hometown, The Prelude have become a must-see in a city bubbling with musical aptitude, locking out shows wherever and whenever they play and gaining many fans along the journey.