The Premier

The Premier


Poppy rock with a progressive twist.


On the inside of The Premier's debut release, The Live Like You're Dying EP, underneath the thank-you's and accreditations, we wrote one sentence. One sentence that encapsulates the entire message of the CD. Knowing what its like to be on the fringes of life and unsure about who you are or why you're here, we wrote: "If you're not doing what it takes to wake up happy, why are you waking up?"

So, we're The Premier from Hatfield, PA and we've come to realize what makes us happy. We play a thoughtful brand of pop-rock with a progressive twist. Yea, its catchy, but its also more complicated than a rubix cube (The original one-- not those six-sided ones. Those things are fucking insane.) We have our goals set and we're out to reach them. In the past year, we have accomplished more than we ever thought we could. We recorded and released a six-song EP. We've done three tours spanning the entire east coast and are planning several more for the fall and winter. We have reached over 75,000 plays on Purevolume and over 14,000 on myspace with no official promotion. We were chosen by as one of the top unsigned artists in the country. We've played some of the biggest venues on the east coast with some of the biggest local and national acts around today. And no, it's not all glitz and glamour. And yea, we've spent some nights sleeping in parking lots. We've eaten cold spaghetti out of the can to save money. We've driven hours in the rain with no windshield wipers. We've been sick, broken and battered, but you know what, to us, it's perfect.

We know what our dreams are. We know where we want to be and we know what its going to take to get there. So now, you have to ask yourself; why do you wake up?


Scenes From When I Was in Love

Written By: Dan Campbell

We set the scene. An operating room in awe. Fluorescent lights.
The bleach white walls. The tools and instruments look on in amazement, cause I'm just a beating heart on this white tile floor. This chest cannot contain me anymore. This is the kind of passion that breaks ribs. This is the kind of hope that raises pulses. This is what it's like to be alive. A suburban street in July, and it feels like I'm drowning, but it's just the humidity. It's just too damn hot in this car with the door ajar. Here's my thoughts. It's just the dome light. It's just the phone line. It's just her voice telling me, "It's alright." Just talk to me awhile, and, baby I'll be fine. She sips her coffee once or twice, and knows she won't sleep well tonight. She holds her cigarette so tight. It's like she's holding onto life. She sips her coffee once or twice and knows I won't sleep well tonight. I'll rest my hand here on
her thigh to let her know that I'm alive, and when she smiles, I'm
alright, and when she smiles, I'm alright. (There's a tear in her blue jeans that her fingers won't stop tracing, and if you don't just leave it be, the wound would get deeper darling. It's this simplicity that keeps me breathing.) A quiet dark bedroom, and for the next day or so, my sheets will smell of you. She's drifted off to sleep but I can't stop staring. Caught in the ins and outs of her breathing, and, baby we're so fleeting. We're beautiful,
we're timeless, but God, are we fleeting. (And when she smiles,
I could die.)

Jazz Weather

Written By: Dan Campbell

We're just a canvas painted in ragile lines of a fractured April, and its so bright that we're drowning happily in the softest sunlight you'll ever see. This is melody. Calm and simple like bare feet in the cool grass. Like the way we feel the ground soften beneath us. Days like these it seems like B.B. King is singing out my sky and if this were the blues, I don't think you could cry. This is harmony. Delicate and sweet. Like the crushed petals of a cherry tree. This is melody. Calm and simple like parading in the tulips. Like the way we feel the ground soften beneath us. Days like these it seems like B.B. King is singing out my sky and if this were the blues, I don't think you could cry. Nights like these I feel like dancing 'cause it's jazz weather outside. Arms up to the sky. Oh my God, to be alive.

Top Ten Reasons to lose Your Faith in Mankind

Written By: Dan Campbell

Check that pulse. Embrace this panic. "Am I dead yet?" I breath daylight and exhale at night. My dearest Venice, I will collapse on your streets and you can make art of these skinned knees. We crash our cars like there's no tomorrow (and who's to say there is), and it's a broken and battered ballroom of twisted metal and falling ceilings. Inside, we toss and spin, dance by accident. It may not be choreography, but , inertia has got our bodies moving and that's gotta count for something. Soon these cuts and bruises will become scars and leave a face only a surgeon can love and you won't want these worthless eyes. They've seen no vineyards basked in sunlight, only a lonely Chesapeake and two hands soaked in misery. They said the sea air would help heal these lungs but spring is beating New England into a bloody summer like some sort of rapist gripping their victim. What kind of man lets this happen? What kind of God? You thief. You villain. You mother fucking coward. We don't deserve this and you know it, you fucking know it. So no one's happy. So everyone loses. Check this pulse. Embrace this relief. Maestro, please, I could use something sad to walk away to.


The Live Like You're Dying EP

Set List

Our set is usually about 25 minutes long.