The Preons

The Preons


The Preons are a sonic experiment of classic song writing, melodies worth whistling, and cinematic changes. The Cowart siblings are the core of the band on drums and guitar. An exiled trumpeter plugs in to play the electric trumpet and the guitar player from the reggae band, Jumbalassy, plays bass.


Josh Cowart started playing guitar as a way to get away from the rigors of dental school 10 years ago. Since then he has led two bands through the finest indie rock clubs in Seattle. When his previous band, Hourglass Lake parted ways, he started the Preons with his sister Janie. Josh’s unique song writing skills and Janie‘s drumming style converged to create the foundation for the Preons sound. Brad is a 1 man band, playing the electric trumpet through effects, the keyboard and any other available instrument with reach. John employs lays it down in the bass incorporating his favorite new wave and reggae bass lines from his extensive touring days with Seattle reggae legends, Jumbalassy.

The Preons regularly played the fabled Crocodile Cafe in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood prior to its closing. They have just released a full length album, Starshine on the Devilwoods (available on iTunes).


Pretentiousness of the Standard Model EP (2004)
Starshine on the Devilwoods (2007)

Set List

1.5 hours of original music available. Our typical set runs approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Typical Setlist:
Conflict of the Cobra Kai
Listing and Lost
Ghosts of the Dalles
Rushed Decision
Charlie Munden
It Will Be Soon
Grove of the Patriarchs
48 Express