The Prescriptions

The Prescriptions


.....For Pills,Thrills & Spills......Ladies & Gentlemen......... it's THE PRESCRIPTIONS......


Formed in 2002, The Prescriptions create the type of music that has character. Away from the over-hyped indie rock groups and glossy pop acts, here is a band that writes, sings and plays with a tenacious personality. Songs bursting with stories of longing & loss, greed & vanity & the occasional murder are coloured by hook-laden arrangements. They excite and entertain in the same effortless stroke of creativity.

As reliable as a Grandfather clock, this is a band that makes music that has great depth. On both Eps that they have released to date (Simple Pleasures, Pro Bono Publico) that depth is exploited through the stirring lyrical content and sublime musicianship that forms the structure of their songs. Using a rigid song structure they skilfully bind together a bittersweet flavour of alt. country and indie rock.
Quite simply, The Prescriptions are the type of band that you want to keep a secret. You want to keep their acute harmonies and wry lyrics all to yourself. But a part of you wants to share the songs of rustic beauty with anyone willing to listen. They are the type of band that impresses you more and more with each live performance that you make sure to catch. The Prescriptions are the sincere yet rousing band that you have been waiting years to find.

Gareth Maher


Get up & Get Around

Written By: Niall Brennan/the prescriptions

Is it true?
Boy I heard the news
What did you do? You got the blues
Did you fall?
Were you led astray on
that fateful day when all was lost?
Did you give it your all or did you give up

What a world! Where do you get off?
If I could buy you time
Make it stop
The past is done,the present is here, the future is uncertain,
it's so unclear

Time was on your side but now its
gone there's no going back,
I can't deny I don't know what
went wrong or where you're at
but we all fall down so
get up,get up & get around

I'm Alright Jack

Written By: Niall Brennan/the prescriptions

Where did it all go wrong?
Was it something to do with the day I was born?
'cause I'm not sure what I've become,
having to justify
all the things that I've done
I only acted upon whatever I overheard
When they said greed was good well I took them at their word
My blood is red but my heart is black
I'm alright Jack

What was it that brought me to here
The love of money or the demon of fear
& I've got a contract to deliver on time to be paid in full in my hour of dyin'
Positivity lifts me up,negitivity brings me down
Still suckin the fat of the land & the jewel in the crown
The best form of defense is all out attack
I'm alright Jack

I've been living a lie far too long
I'm a weak man but i'm comin' on strong
St. Peter waits at the pearly gates now the time has come to decide my fate
Somewhere I lost my soul but it wasn't worth very much
I gave it away to the one who said I could own the earth
I'm goin' straight to hell & I'm not comin' back
Too late Jack,Too late Jack.

Black Sheep

Written By: Niall Brennan/the prescriptions

Little man is big,big man is tough,always pushing someone pushing his luck,likes to act hard but he's hard up,wonders why he's never been a big hit with the girls,
daddy's gonna get him,put him 'cross his knee,come along,come along & see

Didn't get up,didn't go to school,this black sheep's gonna be a fool,can't make sense of any rules,mom & pop layin' into the booze,daddy's gonna get him,put him 'cross his
knee,come along & see,it hurts so bad he can hardly speak,come along,come along & check out the geek

With a litte bit of this & a little bit of that,wheelin' & dealin' for Harry the flash,struttin' around like Jack Palance,never gonna see his face on stamps,lookin' for trouble,for someone to beat but you'd better watch out 'cause he likes to cheat,
you know you can always turn the other cheek or rack him up,rack him up like a piece of meat

He's the man with the plan to rob the bank,take the money & run & buy a villa in France,to tell the truth it was a little sad,at the scene of the crime he was left holding the bag,the cops are gonna get him & throw away the key,three square meals & free T.V. ,with no parole he'll be out in three,it's the law of the land & society

Well he made some friends doin' time,joined together in a life of crime & for a short time all was well,
he waved goodbye to his prison cell
Karma gonna get him & set him free
flyaway,flyaway like a bird released
enlightenment in small degrees,what goes around comes around eventually

He caught his wife in a lovers embrace with a pizza boy with a pizza face he slit their throats in a fit of rage,took sweet revenge with a razor blade,conscience gonna get him,gonna make it bleed,getaway from the murder scene,everybody knows who did the deed,not a word not a word now don't you breathe

Information can save your life if you're a man on the run with nowhere to hide,when the chips were down the canary sang,he double crossed the whole damn gang,the mob are gonna get him,pull out his teeth,string him up,string him up from the nearest tree,there's no goin' back it's plain to see,can't tell his friends from his enemies

You can jump through hoops,burning rings of fire,red hot coals,walk highwire,touched by death we'll never see him again but he had 12 kids & they're all the same
Say a prayer but don't you weep for there's better reasons to waste your grief,a final blessing from the priest,goin' down,goin' down,may he rest in peace.


Pro Bono Publico - EP, Good Medicine Music, 2005

Love Your Enemy - limited edition single, Good Medicine Music, 2004

Simple Pleasures - 4 track single/EP, Good Medicine Music, 2002

Set List

Lookin' out for love
Get up & Get around
C u 1 more time
Marlon Brando
I'm alright Jack
Ranaway with the Aliens
I gotta go
Pro Bono Publico
Damn all the Days
Once told a Lie
Talk of the Town
Black Sheep
House fallen down
Government Health Warning

All Original Compositions.
Set times vary depending on nature of gig.
Anywhere between 35 mins & 2 hrs.