The Pretty Dittys

The Pretty Dittys


a group of talented folk focused on high energy live shows as well as a sense of experimentation


The Pretty Dittys produce an array of attractive yet simple songs by means of intricate workmanship and dedication. Their art is influenced by genres such as American Folk, Eastern European Folk, and Folk Jazz. Established in the year of 2012, The Pretty Dittys hail from the great town of West Chester, PA. This musical act was originally conceived in the mind of AJ Thomas and gestated upon the first gathering of what was to become The Pretty Dittys. Through stylings of AJ Thomas in coordination with Steve Harman, Alexander Pedric, Melanie Peterson, and Matthew Willoughby, The Pretty Dittys were brought into this world with a driving sense of composure, fueled by each other’s’ wholeheartedness
towards the music they have procreated.

In Mid-July The Pretty Dittys are taking their first breath of air with the single release of “Used to Be Lover.” Come early fall, The Pretty Dittys will be marking their first knotch on the height wall of The Pretty Dittys kitchen; by touring The East Coast and celebrating their forthcoming EP Release “Divine Invention.”

   AJ Thomas brings to life a distinct and cohesive style which grew its roots in traditional eastern european, american, and jazz genres of folk. AJ manipulates the character and sound of a classical folk guitar, which has been passed on to him from a gospel singing preacher woman. He masters an eclectic approach to his vocals, which is geared to fulfill and sustain his vision of folk. Henry Ventura, a multi-instrumentalist is the grandson of the late
bee-bop jazz era band leader Charlie Ventura. Henry chose to use his skills on the bass guitar to accompany and accent to the rhythms and melodies of The Pretty Dittys. Melanie Peterson and Matthew Willoughby bring together the trumpet and violin. These two create magic by complimenting each other musically through a force of consensual epiphanies. Melanie’s trumpet defines choruses and belts out inspirational phrases over simple guitar breakdowns. With his violin, Matthew often elaborates on vocal melodies and takes a lead role with the uses of both rhythmic bowing and definitive musical hooks. Finally, the back bone upon which all of The Pretty Dittys rely is Stephen Harman. Stephen’s contributions to the group go far beyond his tremendously impressive percussion talents. Band Leader AJ Thomas once said “outside of the music Stephen brings to the band what I believe Ray Manzerick brought to the doors. Stephen is a common ground for all of us, providing an amazing grace to our practices, band meetings, and live performences.” The Pretty Dittys want to turn you on,
so dive in!

Set List

mean to be a man
used to be lover
sleep talk
where did you sleep last night
city light night