The Preytells

The Preytells


Avant-garde pop mixed with a post-punk sensibility....The Preytells make music that invades the body and electrifies the mind.


What is the relevance of pop music today? As the genre approaches pension age, how do bands that love the simple interplay of guitar, bass and drums reinvent the three-minute pop song without coughing up the ghosts of its 60 year history, or morphing it into an unrecognisable mess?

Perth indie phantasms THE PREYTELLS have a way.

When they hit the scene in 2005 they experienced a quick, intense wave of success. Since then, instead of pursuing their early favour like desperate careerists, they decided to hit and run. Over the following years they hunkered down for months at a time, coming up only when they had something to show for themselves. The first salvo was debut EP COULD I CHANGE YOUR MIND in 2007, which snapped the ears of those who forgot about THE PREYTELLS back toward the band. It demonstrated songwriting strength and studio confidence beyond their years. But after its launch, they again went to ground.

They came back up in 2008 with the same tactic in mind, plus a little extra fuel. Two more EPs in that year, SHOUT/I’M SO SORRY and SACRAMENTO, showed two things: THE PREYTELLS were ready to make a deeper impression at home and abroad, and they had the musical chops to do it.

Doubt it? Their album, FLOOD SONGS / JUNE SONGS, will prove you wrong. It contains remastered versions of previously-released tracks Shout, I'm So Sorry, Sacramento and On the Lawn, and they remain as impressive as ever. Shout’s persistent piano and demented guitar lands the band midway between the Beatles and the Pixies, while Sacramento’s swagger and reverb smashes the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion into the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

But it’s the new material that rounds the band out as an important voice in Australian rock. Lead single Lord Hold My Hand builds on the band’s previous songwriting, relying less on Sacramento’s swagger and Shout’s knife-edge guitar and instead drawing sweet tension out of the interplay of its parts. A rollicking bells rhythm and wandering guitar introduces the song before an inspired glockenspiel melody takes over, and singer Will Tell croons images both quintessentially Australian and dementedly mythic: “Who are we, lying naked at the bottom of a Boab tree,” he sings in the lead up to the song’s eponymous chorus, then “You said you were the sacrificial lamb of all mankind”. It’s a hooky love song that also manages to tap into the confusion and weight of human relations in just two minutes and thirty seconds, after which a riff worthy of ELO wipes it from memory.

That is the real strength of the album – there are no place-holder songs. Every track, even slower tracks like mid-album, piano-based breather Keep Running, is imbued with its own infectious vitality, and announces itself as the most important song you have heard. An ambitious claim for a small WA band, but their music backs it up.

Though THE PREYTELLS index the history of guitar-based rock and pop throughout the album, FLOOD SONGS / JUNE SONGS is not an act of mimicry. It comes from an earnest, talented songwriting core, which strips down the music of their background to its basics and reforms it in a fashion true to their vision. What is that vision? Music that invades the body and electrifies the mind, encoded with the fractious energy of the 21st century.

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Written By: Wilfur Tell

Shout in the name of love,
You know what I can do,
And you know what I can do without.


Written By: Will Tell

(turn the fan on later on.. coz i love the fans)

I'm gonna break a sweet soldier's heart

I'm a Sacramento killer and I'll make you a bet that I'll leave a first impression that you'll never forget. Coz I'm stalking unlocked houses just to get my kills, I've been to so many houses on so many different pills.

I'm on my way down.

So C'mon.

Yeah I'm gonna break a poor boys heart. Yeah I'm gonna break a sweet soldier's heart.

I went to church on Sundays just to learn about the son, but there ain't no god gonna save me when he finds out when I've done. I'd drink blood like wine, if it came in my flavour, so I killed your dog and then saved you for later.

I'm on my way down.

Lord Hold My Hand

Written By: Will Tell

Little Susie down Roland avenue
I could pick her up like a charm
put her down on my lawn
Take her round to your best friend's farm and climb that tree
Singing: who are we? lying naked at the bottom of a boab tree
Singing: oh my god! when you said you where the sacrificial lamb of all mankind

I was heavy on a mountain I was watching all the bodies roll all the way back down,
I was heavy on mountain like a train looking for a way out
You where there, you where waiting for me there
And I was blinded by the way you held my hand

Lord hold my hand
Let it fall if you understand.

Nowhere to Run

Written By: Will Tell

All my nights are wasted on a one night stand
There's nowhere to run
I don't care for money won't you hold my hand
There's nowhere to run
I don't want to tell you, want to make a stand
Oh yeah honey, there is nowhere to run

Sweet Poly-Anna
Don't leave me out here in the cold and dark its freezing
Your leaving, and I can't be with you no more

I don't care for money
Take my broken heart out, give me back a new one


FLOOD SONGS/JUNE SONGS LP (2009) out 11 Sep 2009

SACRAMENTO EP (2008) released independently

SHOUT/I'M SO SORRY EP (2008) released through MGM Distribution

COULD I CHANGE YOUR MIND EP (2007) released through MGM Distribution

Set List

All original songs
30-45 min sets