The Prime Force

The Prime Force


The music of The Prime Force is powerful, unique, raw and ambitious. The songs fill the air with crushing rhythms, memorable singing and lyrics, soaring lead guitars and high energy. Heart, power and integrity are the ingredients and cornerstones of Prime Force music. For all heavy rock music fans.


"The Prime Force" is a heavy rock project that started and began in 2010 by dissatisfied Canadian rock musician Tye Hurricane. Dissatisfied in the sense that Hurricane had at that time only recently left his long time group "Hellrazor" due to creative differences within the band and decided to start fresh and to brave the unknown.

Hurricane's ties to Hellrazor has roots that go as far back as 1998, as Hurricane (known then as "Tye Davidson") played lead guitar alongside songwriter "Kasey Haze" in various struggling rock bands that eventually came to settle on "Hellrazor" in a 10 year+ history based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Stage names and monikers have always factored in any musical endeavor Hurricane has ever been a part of, which one can not be sure why this is so but it is.

Continuing on all these bands over this ten year history had different configurations and rotating band members, most notably singers and drummers, much to the frustration of the duo of bassist/guitarist Haze and lead/rhythm guitarist Davidson. Various band names used over the years included: "Dumbass", "Nemesis", "The Legion", and the already taken and established names of the bands "Blitzkrieg" and "Primal Scream". Thankfully this was learned about in time before any pressing of an album under those names occurred, and also before the sure legal action that could have resulted.

Subsequent demo and studio recordings were also completed in the wake of all these bands; "Dumbass", the very first band in this story, had an album called "Hell" (released in 1998) and 2 other untitled albums (1999/2000 releases) before the band dissolved and was carried on by founding member "Zeke Mason". All these albums were distributed exclusively to friends and family of the band and the songs were all over the map, written by individual members a song at a time; it was a band clearly without an identity and it featured young, just starting out, aggressive amateur musicians.

The short lived band "Nemesis" (featuring Hurricane and Haze) was next to follow with a 5 song demo in 2000, a decent little record and an underground collectible if there ever was one, the first "serious" work that Hurricane was a part of. Rehearsal and recording studio N.A.L. Sound in North Vancouver was to become second home to this and many of the other rock/metal projects to come afterwards.

"Nemesis" then soon morphed to become "The Legion", and after a debacle of trying out many different singers the first dependable singer "Danny E. Rail" joined the fold. "The Legion" then released an untitled demo in 2002 featuring 6 songs indicating a more stylistic identity musically and with more confident playing. The drummer's situation in the band had its place in being equally absurd as well, such as instances of hiring of a frequently late and unprepared friend as a drummer (who was in good-humor joked at and called "The Cow") and afterwards his replacement, who didn't fair all that much better, was sardonically referred to as simply "Old Man" because he was just so very much older than the rest of the band members.

After some genuine attempts to advance their music (a brand of old school metal with modern twists) by playing decidedly more local shows, "Hellrazor" was formed and soon after recorded the first commercially viable album (featuring 9 songs) of Haze and Hurricane's career known as "Feel The Sting" (2006). Growth and a new maturity in the music was now more apparent than ever in this recording, despite the rocky backdrop of struggling to pack in clubs and bars successfully with more people and by band members investing more time and money into the band with such efforts as paying for a professionally designed website, for flyers to upcoming gigs, for an album design, CD manufacturing and for t-shirts.

It was a career up till then filled with alot of ups and downs; ups like going out on tour for the first time, and downs like coming in second place and losing a prestigious live band contest that had some far-reaching implications. Most notably winning this particular contest was a means to secure some real exposure with the local media (99.3 The Fox, Vancouver's main new rock station, and the local daily newspaper, The Province) and the contest (held at a popular downtown club called "The Plaza") also caught the attention of local established producers (and in this case the legendary Bob Rock himself was to guide the winners into his studio and eventually promote them on local rock radio). For Hellrazor this setback put things to a grinding halt for a while. This event in retrospect was probably more pivotal and damaging than first realized, especially towards the eventual demise of Hellrazor to come a few short years later. The band thus lost motivation and it's way, became far more complacent, fired singer Danny Rail, and started on the course of becoming an after-thought rather than a priority. After mulling it over and feeling t


Wishing Star

Written By: Tye Hurricane

Dreams coming to those who sleep,
Screams in the night, coming to light
In your life

Can you take it all away, all away
Can you take them all away?

This heart, you can decorate it
This mind, you can love or hate it

Yeah, yeah
All that is, is gonna disappear
Yeah, yeah
All that is, is gonna disappear

I'm a wishing star

Giving it up so one day you can smile,
Slave away everyday, and find yourself
Out of style

Can you take it all away, all away
Can you take them all away?

I'm a wishing star
I'm a wishing star

yeah ah yeah ah!
Oh oh...

This heart, you can decorate it
This mind, you can love or hate it (x2)

Yeah, yeah
All that is, is gonna disappear
Yeah, yeah
All that is, is gonna disappear (x2)

I'm a wishing star (x2)
I'm the wishing star,
Yeah, I'm the wishing star

Pretty Baby

Written By: Tye Hurricane

Oh pretty baby
you're the one I'm thinking of
you're the star in my sky

Oh pretty baby
I hope that you need me
just like I need you

I'm dreamin'
that I'm seeing
an endless love x2

Oh pretty baby
you are the constant
in my world of uncertainty

Oh pretty baby
I see you walking on the road
I can feel you in my soul

We are of one mind
We are of one mind
we are of one mind
don'tcha think so?

Pretty baby
my pretty baby
you're my pretty baby

Everyone Loves You

Written By: Tye Hurricane

Everyone Loves You
I have no one
I am no one

everyone loves you
I've been failing
Wish I was sailing to you

Over to you
And everything false
Has now turned true

Oh, Oh, Oh whoa oh...

Distant dreams
all held in place
the sun is shining
in my disgrace

I was feeling sad
so done with trying
I felt like dying

But then my heart grew strong
Hear my footsteps
you have no defense

No i can't fight it
but I can right it
Stand beside it

Oh oh,
Hey hey


+ "The First" by The Prime Force. Release date: Winter 2011. Album features 12 songs. Limited pressing, distributed by CD Baby. Available now.

+ "The Second" by The Prime Force. Album features 12 songs. Winter 2011. Currently unreleased.

+ Untitled Demo (3 Songs) by The Prime Force. Summer 2011. Updated versions of 3 tracks chosen from "The First" and "The Second". Currently unreleased.

+ Single: "Riding The Wave" by The Prime Force/Tye Hurricane. Release date: January 23rd, Winter 2012. Available now on CD Baby.

+ Single: "Wishing Star" by The Prime Force. To be released in advance of new album, February/March 2012.

+ "Explosions" by The Prime Force. Release date: Early Spring 2012. Album features 6 new songs (including "Wishing Star") and a bonus track.

+ Single: "Lover Of Mine" by The Prime Force. To be released in advance of next album, Late Summer/Fall 2012.

+ "Zero Hour" by The Prime Force. Release date: Fall 2012. Album features 6 new songs (including "Lover Of Mine") and a bonus track.