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The Princes of Hollywood

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"The Sound!"

"Dig it: Ryan Adams and The Wallflowers teaching an extension course on the harmonies of CSNY, the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel." - Cincinnati City Beat

"Quality Songwriting"

”I am amazed at the quality of the songwriting, especially for being such young guys. I love the guitar sound, the chord changes, and the free feeling vibe to the recording, but most of all the writing. Nice work!” - Chris Trapper, 33rd Street Recording Artist with The Push Stars (

"Refreshing Harmony on Moving Slowly"

"Offering both introspective seriousness and wry humor, "Moving Slowly" is a solid sampling of Dalzell and Kinsley's versatility. The Duo's recording is a refreshing, harmony-heavy collection of songs that conjure a mood conductive to youthful innocence, thoughtful self-reflection, sentimental love letters, good intentions. The Princes of Hollywood make music...that celebrates the small things, all pleasantly couched in a nearly extinct Simon and Garfunkel-like brand of tenderness..." - Troy Gregorino, The Athens Insider, 2003

"Youthful Songwriting"

"The duo's CD features some adroit playing and singing as well as songwriting, whose craftsmanship and jaundiced insights can be startling coming from two such young sprouts..." - Jim Phillips, The Athens News, 2003

"Direction of Motion Album Review"

"The Princes of Hollywood's recently completed "Direction of Motion" is a refreshing reprieve from the cookie-cutter folk rock of comparable acts. With a sort of...Simon and Garfunkel sensibility, Dalzell and Kinsley write songs that speak to unashamed love, heartbreak and self discovery. From the opening track, "My Love Will Be True," The Princes of Hollywood leave the bold impression that they're capable of songs that are lyrically smart and lucid, craftily arranged, and intensely melodic. Direction of motion is an effective line up of songs that are sweet without sappiness and moody without whininess. The Princes of Hollywood write life affirming, comfortably pensive songs that make you long for (or appreciate) simpler times and real love." - The Athens Insider, 2004

"Earthy Sounding Folk Ready to Be Enjoyed By the Masses"

Describing themselves as folk-rock,? the Princes do fully live up to their self-prescribed genre, showing equal doses of folk and rock over Direction of Motion's ten tracks. In fact, they mix the two very, very well, displaying a strummy woody sound on "Kiss Me Goodbye" that is immediately followed by the more modern sounding "Cambridge,"? which brings back the decidedly non-folk electric piano back into the mix, along with a slick groove and soaring lead guitar. The two artists also sing well together evidenced by the Simon/Garfunkelian harmonies on "Ocean View."? Despite their regal sounding name, the Princes of Hollywood are very earthy sounding folk, ready to be enjoyed by the masses up and down the east coast, even in New Jersey. Goodnight you kings of New England, you Princes of...Hollywood?" - Performer Magazine

"Musical Pedigrees"

The Princes of Hollywood [are] two very talented musicians that have the advantage of musical pedigrees that helped get them an incredible head start over the rest of us hacks. They write irresistible pop tunes that are rife with musical and lyrical integrity, darn them. No, it is really exciting to watch the brilliant children of brilliant musicians just tear it up. - The Athens News

"Radio Play"

All Independent Radio
Brookline, MA

91.1 FM
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA

88.1 FM
WMBR – Radio
Cambridge, MA

90.3 FM
Chestnut Hill, MA

91.5 FM
Medford, MA

Cambridge, MA

100.1 FM
Waltham, MA

Suffolk University Radio
Boston, MA

91.3 FM
WOUB radio
Athens, Ohio

1340 AM
WOUB-AM Athens

89.1 FM
Cambridge, Ohio

89.1 FM
Ironton, Ohio

91.9 FM
Chillicothe, Ohio

Zanesville, Ohio - The Princes of Hollywood are currently recieveing airplay on the following stations:

"The Next Dixie Chicks?"

"Nickel Creek, eat your heart out. The Princes Hollywood are Ohio's answer to the Dixie Chicks." - Baltimore Songwriters Organization


Moving Slowly, released 2003

Direction of Motion, released 2004

A Change of Venue, TBA 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


From the rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio come The Princes of Hollywood, a folk/rock group who explore the diverse sounds, images and ideas that make up Americana music. Their sound might be compared to a modern Everly Brothers playing Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the occasional Cole Porter tune.

With equal parts reverence and skepticism, The Princes carefully craft highly personal, original songs that dissect and reassemble life in America, with organic instrumental arrangements and meticulous vocal harmonies enough to soothe the over-stimulated and under-nourished musical palate of the modern listener. Their eye and ear for classic American styles, as well as their grounding in modern philosophical awareness, set The Princes of Hollywood apart from their early-20s-rock peers.

The Princes of Hollywood are currently supporting their new release, A Change of Venue (produced by Eddie Ashworth [Sublime, Izzy Stradlin, John Stewart] and by Chris Trapper [of The Push Stars]), a full-spectrum survey of The Princes’ original material.