The Privies combine elements of rock, pop and punk, reinventing rock music with the moodiness one feels when listening to Coldplay mixed in with the raw energy that only Jet can deliver.


The Privies came to be when singer/ songwriter Leo Stone formed a band to perform the Rock songs that he had been writing acoustically. The writing was influenced by a wide range of musical influences such as The Beatles, the Pixies, Coldplay, U2 and The Hives. Ms. Cheryl came into the picture on drums coming from a lifetime of pop oriented music. Johnny T, a former hard core powerhouse lead guitarist soon joined in and the god of thunder, Boz, came into the band from an almost all entirely Punk Rock background. All of these elements blended together into what is now the Privies. A diverse collection of music that somehow melds all together as if by design. The listener is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and musical vibes.

The band has performed all over the San Francisco Bay Area at venues such as The Great American Music Hall, 12 Galaxies, Hotel Utah, Blakes on Telegraph and Bottom of the Hill just to name a few.

The Privies made into the Semi-Regional Finals in the 2007-2008 Bodog Battle of the Bands and were ranked #5 in the country by popular vote.


Debut album, “you have the right!” was released in August 2008 and is available through as well as

The album can also be downloaded from iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Rhapsody, Shockhound and Napster.

The entire CD is a radio-friendly roller coaster ride consisting of 11 hook laden tracks that all tell a story crossing multiple genres and bridging decades of generations! It’s no wonder that people of all ages and all different backgrounds are getting into the innovative sound of the Privies.

Set List

Sets are 45 - 60 minutes in length of all original material.