The Problem

The Problem


Dancey like Madonna, rocking like the Pixies, sexy like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Disco Fuzz.


Don’t call it emo. Don’t call it rock. Don’t call it screamo, or trendy, or pop. It’s an
alternative that can only be described with two words: “Disco Fuzz”. The Problem defends
their title as a dance band, writing catchy but thoughtful tunes that are only emphasized by
the intensity of the bands live show.

Christian Francis (vocals/guitar) and Justin Bornemann (bass), the two remaining
founding members, played together for two years before parting with their former drummer
and guitarist. After finding Roman Lewis (drums) and Shawn Sutton (guitar) The Problem was

The Union City, NJ foursome is fascinated by the path that led Clap Your Hands Say
Yeah and Arctic Monkeys to success, wanting to gain popularity through their
own hard work and perseverance; they are not so much interested in a big-time record deal
as much as they just want to get their music heard via the Internet and build a solid fan
base. Meanwhile, they are also trying to reach a goal of eating Rueben sandwiches at every
diner across America.

Influenced by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, a band favorite, Francis quit his seven-
year job as a music teacher and now considers himself a “full-time songwriter/lonesome
traveler.” Bassist Justin Bornemann also took a job as a guitar teacher, but also plays bass
for New Jersey natives Rick Barry and April Smith in his spare time. Though mainly focused
on The Problem, Francis also has a side-project with partner Annie Sullivan called My Little
Pony, a two-piece dance/punk band. The two combined forces and started their own record
label, appropriately named “Disco Fuzz.”

Using the newly-born label to put out their self-titled album, The Problem recorded
their first full-length at Motherwest and Dubway Studios (We Are Scientists, Radio America) in New
York City with Paolo DeGregorio. With the bands own Francis producing the album, the
band successfully captured the high-energy, must-dance mentality of their live

However, the album could not possibly portray the antics of the fans at The
Problem’s shows. At one such gig, two girls were so thirsty as to drink drummer Roman
Lewis’s sweat. Another time, without intention of destroying his instrument, Francis threw
his guitar to the side, leaving its remnants to the “vulture” attendees, one of which ended
up getting stabbed in the leg with the broken neck. To experience the hip-shaking, head-
bobbing, sweat-drinking activities for yourself, check out The Problem at their next show!!


The Problem LP, 2006

Set List

we know tons of songs. besides our originals, we are also a very successful cover band.