the product

the product


Think Talking Heads meets Beastie Boys meets LCD Soundsystem meets Modern Lovers. Angular, minimal, fun and irreverant jams that will make you smile, make you jump, and make you sing along. An ecstatic stage show with the can't-turn-your-eyes-away joy and energy of grade schoolers on sugar highs.


The Product is a three man rock formation. They coalesced in fall 2004 and haven’t
gathered moss yet. Their mission is simple: have a damn good time playing music,
make shitloads of money, and get lots of lingerie thrown on stage.
Although The Product doesn't think of itself as sounding 'Punk' as it's currently
defined, they're heavily influenced by the original punk DIY aesthetic. This
aesthetic shows up in everything they do from home recording, to homemade
cardboard CD mailers, to modified guitar electronics. They are committed to
experimentation on stage and in the studio. They're already well-known for their
energetic and unpredictable live shows. Most stages barely contain the relentless
energy of the six million dollar dan, whose legs move like Gumby’s on adderall.
Grant and Clark arrive at each gig with heavy sacks of quarters with which they
feed the mechanical bull until sunrise. Grant wrenches majestic power chord
soundscapes from his trusty axe, Big Red, while Clark shows off his super powers
with an array of other worldly beats. Props and guests are the norm. How many
punk bands have a classically trained opera singer as a guest? The Product is coy,
brash and dastardly clever. Why don’t you try to listen to their entire demo while
sitting down and frowning.
The Product teamed up with friend and electronic music producer Ben Recht, aka
Local Fields, to produce the included tracks. Working in Dan's basement studio
and using Ableton Live, they've created something which resembles their live
material but also quickly exposes their early hip-hop and dance music influences .
The Product has played numerous venues all over Boston including TT the Bears,
the Middle East downstairs., and the Paradise. Their members have been active in
the Boston music scene for years and can also be found around town playing in
blues jams or rocking laptops at dance music events. If you want to come over for
breakfast, Dan can make you some holy toast.


The Makeout Song EP - 2005

We've confirmed airplay on WAAF, WZBC, WMBR, and WMFO.

Set List

We play 45-90 minute sets.

95% original material. An occasional offbeat cover thrown in.

A typical set:

Equal Terms
Move right, move left
Child Man
The Other Hip Hop
Disco 3000
Stupid and Drunk
Real Hip Hop
The Makeout Song