The Productionists

The Productionists

 Bellingham, Washington, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Hip-hop/ R & B/ Jazz/ Pop. An ecclectic mix of radio-friendly songs and grooves with a healthy serving of meaningful content, courage, and laughter.


2001-2002: Clint, a member of the hip-hop-Rock group Dolemite, and Erik a member of the Rock-Funk-experimental group I.V., discover common interests in Funk, R & B, Jazz, and Hip-hop over the course of playing several shows together with their groups.

2002-2004: Different projects, same results. Clint and Erik found themselves at the end of the tenure of their bands and again discovered their common interests. . During a jam session at a local jam space Clint asked Erik if he would like to do some recording sometime. It was also during this period that Clint invited Erik to his weekly DJ gig at THE FACTORY, a local club downtown. Erik accepted both offers and recording/performances began. Audiences at the shows immediately responded with
smiles, praise, and above all, dancing. During these onstage jam sessions the two created the foundation of sound that their group would eventually build upon. Their set consisted heavily of funk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop, which became the main pillars of their sound (although several other styles have crept in along the way). In addition, Clint had been working with Mike, who had his own studio, and the three began experimenting with new musical ideas. A name was chosen for the group:

2005-2006: Clint, Mike, and Erik begin collaboration as a 3-piece, each bringing his own style and influence to the music. A laundry list of beats and songs began to emerge from their collective wisdom and artistic vision. The three continued to forge their sound, style, and ethic until the group got offered a show at an acquaintances’ personal indoor skate-park on Steven’s pass for a snowboard video premier. Mr. Bags was brought in to fulfill the singing requirements and was added to the line-up. The 4-piece was now set. THE PRODUCTIONSTS released their first album, Weapons of Mass Production, in September of 2006 with positive reviews…
A steady schedule of gigging then followed.

Each of their shows continued to be better than the previous ones. Gathering a steady stream of new fans the group pushed forward into bigger and better venues, music, and acclaim while distributing over 1000 copies of their album. It was at the end of 2008 that they decided to work on another album with a unique approach: more music (fewer vocals, more musical movements within songs), more singing (less rapping), and more relevance (writing about things OTHER THAN jewelry, cars, guns, loose women, etc). Although it has become cliché in the music industry for its constituents to discuss personal dissatisfaction with music’s current state of affairs it is through these types of
discussions that breakthroughs are made. THE PRODUCTIONISTS, after numerous in-depth conversations amongst themselves, began work on their next album.
During this period the group also began working with Brian Hillman, another local musician and one of the founding members of the group SPACEBAND. Brian ran sound for THE PRODUCTIONISTS at a few of their shows and was then commissioned to use his vocal talent on some of the group’s songs. From this humble beginning Brian’s participation grew into live performances and his appearance on many of the tracks on
their 2nd album. His work is especially prominent on the songs Pop Life and Trouble & Strife.

2009: The group continued work on their upcoming, self-titled release. The decision was made to do all instrumental recording at their own studio while doing all vocal recording, mixing, and mastering at Undercaste studio in Seattle.
This bolstered the group’s sound and put the group in the public eye. They continued their steady stream of gigging and promoting (see attached sheet) as well. Their website was launched in late 2009 with the help of Matt McDonald and Austin Santiago.
Craig Jewel, a local club owner/musician, was asked to lend his vocal talent to the making of the album as well, being the featured lead-vocalist on the song Mindbodysoul. Craig gladly accepted and is now part of the group’s live show working with Brian and
Bags to create smooth, rich, and harmonic background vocals.
THE PRODUCTIONISTS were the recipient of the What’s Up! Magazine’s award for Best Beats and Rhymes, an award for which they won again in 2010. A list of the groups that THE PRODUCTIONISTS performed with to date is as follows
(in no particular order):
Tech N9ne, D Black, Zion I, Murz, E-40, Devin the Dude, Spaceman, Grieves, Grynch, Maclemore, Rise n’ Shine, Spaceband,The Pack, Mad Rad, Cancer Rising, Animal
Nation, Fresh Espresso, Gran Rapids, The Staxx Brothers, The Perceptionists, Heirespects, Rudy & the Rhetoric, C Ray Walz, One B Lo, Grayskul, Sandpeople, Sunny
Bonoho, The Physics, Kublakai, Project Lionheart, Kore Ionz, DJ Marc Sense, Tulsi, Dj S


A Better Place

Written By: Clint Lincoln / Erik Snyder

I had a better place I wanted to be
A better place I wanted to see
A new place that I wanted to go
I could keep talkin' 'bout it but you already know
We all need a little time to play
In a new destination with a place to stay
for a little bit of happiness the price we'd pay would be irrelevant
we would still be on our way.
Tryin' to make it to a new plateau
In a new place new town rockin' the show
Instead of checkin me you should be checkin' the flow
Yeah we fly but that is far from all we know.
Now we're tryin' to fly state to state
New people new crowds hoping they can relate
So if I'm gone and you're missing me just picture my face, but don't wait
I'll be on time but oh so late.

I need a better place to roll to
I need a better place to go
I need a better place to spend my time
I'll get there faster 'cause I'm fly

Lookin' for a better way, every day, all day
sittin' on the back porch puffin' on a 'J'
Whatchu know about this whatchu know about that
debrief your mind, you too average
Top Gun status, Ice-man Maverick, flight to tight they can't grasp it
earth is my turf sometimes I'm absent
count sheep subconscious stay active
So I are active, see right past it, knowledge is everywhere
I must have it
Fly as a magic carpet soaring through the air,
mobbin' on a Harley with the wind in my hair
Searchin' for a better place with no destination
It's all about the journey
forget the location.

I need a better place to roll to
I need a better place to go
I need a better place to spend my time
I'll get there faster 'cause I'm fly

Trouble & Strife

Written By: C. Lincoln / E. Snyder

Tell me what you need not what you want
Tell me what you need not what you want
Tell me what you need not what you want
Oh Baby


Written By: Mike Moncrieff/ Erik Snyder

Isn't it lovely
Skies above me
Sun is shinin' this feelin' I'm in like
Seats reclining it's hypnotizing
take you mind, body, soul, roll it up into one
(and let's go)

French Toast

Written By: E. Snyder

(Instrumental: featuring Paul Chandler on trumpet & melophone)

Pocket Change

Written By: Erik Snyder



WEAPONS OF MASS PRODUCTION released in September, 2006. Self-Titled album released September 2010.

Set List

10-12 originals intermixed with 1 or 2 covers as determined by the particular show. DJ also available to spin in between sets or to fill time during the evening.