The Professor

The Professor


A solo piano performance with vocals that ranges from original music to classical style representations of rock standards like Layla and unique interpretations of songwriters like Tom Waits. This performance presents the power and intimacy of a grand piano and story-telling vocals.


The thing about a solo piano performance is that it can literarily range from the quiet intimacy of a small club to the power of a full sized stadium; and this kind of variation can be achieved within each song. The Professor (Robert Goldstick) has such a complete mastery over the piano from almost 50 years of performing that his music ranges from poignant original ballads in the style of Bill Evans to presentation of Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix classics with all the energy of the typical power trio. His original songs present a view of the world that can be considered enlightenment entertainment in that songs are written to both entertain and be food for thought about the human experience and the pursuit of consciousness.


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Set List

Original Songs - Everybody Pays The Rent, Patti and Willie, Clouds of Doom, Every Single Time
Classic Rock - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Layla, Voodoo Child (slight return), Eyes of the World
Covers - Dr. John and Leon Russell Tribute,