The Program

The Program

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The Program are a Brooklyn hip-hop duo with an eclectic sound that echoes shades of the past, yet at the same time lays the ground work for the future.


Brooklyn bred rappers and producers Vlad and Pro are out on a mission. That mission is to spread their brand of hip hop to as many people as possible. They believe they can accomplish this goal because to simply put it, their music is infectious.

Pro, the Bed-Stuy representative has a distinctive fast pace aggressive flow. Although he originally hated his high pitch voice, he has learned to become comfortable with it and now appreciates the fact that it separates him from the rest of the pack. Vlad, the Flatbush representative is the ying to Pro's yang. His flow is laid back and easy to digest in one take. Both emcees have a high rewind factor, you'll find yourself constantly rewinding your cd and saying to yourself, "I can't believe he just said that." Pro is battle tested, as he has been in countless underground and street battles. Vlad is also battle tested, but hung up his battle gear to concentrate on making hit records, and unforgettable tracks.

Although both started out as solo artists, they decided to join forces in May 2005 when they realized that they had an amazing and natural chemistry together. A few months later, The Program started hitting the performance circuit in mid-October and is already garnering a buzz for bringing raw energy and unbridled passion to the stage. These two are the complete package, an A&R's dream; all of their beats are supplied by them, making them a self contained group. With all these elements in place, The Program's mission is sure to be accomplished.

Set List

Sets range from 25-60 mins

Songs Include:

On Top
Fallen Soldier
Another Day w/ Bebe K
Ghetto Symphony
Use Me