The Programaddicts

The Programaddicts

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

A dance-rock project mixing elements of rock and electronica with radio-ready hooks reminiscent of 80's new wave, but with a modern twist.


After 3 years of promoting the debut record "Technology Baby" the critical and popular acclaim culminated in the licensing of single track "City Girls" by Miramax films in 2009 for the movie Adventureland. Now in 2010, this one man dance rock phenomenon is turning up the heat on the next record!

Songwriter, recording artist and performer Jamison left his IT career April 1st with great response from his fans, to focus on the completion of 2 projects currently underway, and get back on the stage with all of the new material. 2010 promises to be a huge year for Jamison as several new deals unfold!


This Time

Written By: Jamison Rotz

I know the days have not been easy,
But what we have is hard to find.
So give this one more chance tonight,
We’ll get it right this time.

You tell me you don’t have a reason
For the tears that line your face
But I take you in and you turn away
The way you did yesterday.
Why do we never speak those words,
Till there’s nothing left to say?

When it comes so hard you have to let it go
Cause you know its breaking down
Every time you leave somehow fate leads you back to me.
So come with me cause I know there are better days to find
Your troubled mind, we can leave it all behind,
We’ll get it right this time.

Don’t let it get so bad you’re happier alone,
Cause I can’t stand to be here if you go.
And baby we both know…

Too many paths lead into nowhere.
Who knows where this will end?
But we’ll see it through so that we can prove
We’ll make it once again.
Some day we’ll look back to this moment
We’re holding on till then.


"Technology Baby" - Full length debut LP (2006) Words and Music by Jamison - Produced by Marshall Deasy

Set List


The Programaddicts currently feature one 30-45 minute set consisting of original material with a few covers (listed below).

Original Material:
1. Cool Like You
2. Obsession Tonight
3. The Real Thing
4. Sweet Sweet
5. Better Days
6. This Time
7. Technology Baby
8. City Girls
9. Crush
10. Thanks For the Memories

Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
Obsession - Animotion