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""We Hear""

That Boston College rockers Andrew Furth, Shane Becerra, Phil Logan, Andy Pelissier and Adam Akpinar, aka The Project, were named MTV’s “Best Music on Campus: Artist of the Week.” The kids are playing Harpers Ferry in Allston Jan. 30th. - Boston Herald

"A Group "Project" Worth Getting Excited About..."

OK, we have Chris O'Donnell and Doug Flutie. But Boston College has long needed a musical act to call its own. Harvard has Weezer; Tufts has Guster. BC has … er, a lot of a capella groups. Enter the boys from The Project, BC's latest musical hopefuls and maybe the best chance we've got for rock band bragging rights. Fresh off a victory at the "BC's Best" music competition at Arts Fest and slated to play at Modstock today, The Project has done a fair bit of damage around campus since conquering this semester's Battle of the Bands. Very impressive for a band that's only been together for two months (Battle of the Bands was The Project's first gig).

The foursome was brought together earlier this spring by current frontman and creative pilot Andrew Furth, A&S '09. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago, Furth had previously been working on his own solo career as a singer-songwriter. He played several shows around the city and on campus last year and even recorded a full-length album. But he got bored and lonely. This year, Furth decided to seek out musicians at BC and try to get a band started. He eventually connected with Shane Becerra, The Project's lead guitarist and CSOM '09, via the Internet and the two aspiring musicians began to play together. When they liked what they heard, they added a drummer (Furth's friend and roommate Andy Pelissier, CSOM '09), and a bassist (Phil Logan, A&S '09) to spawn The Project.

The band's first few tunes were reworkings of some of Furth's laidback, acoustic solo stuff. As they continue to work with one another and collaborate, each of the members is influencing the sound to create a style the band can call its own. Though Furth claims that The Project doesn't target a particular style or genre in its music, he classifies the outfit as a pop-jam band, citing influences such as Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, The Allman Brothers, and The Beatles.

The Project's goal at this point is to record an album and to establish a significant fan base on campus and around Boston. Before parting for the summer, the guys plan to head into the studio sometime in the next couple of weeks to begin the self-production of a five-song EP. Furth hopes that the positive reception of this disc will be enough to boost the band's reputation for next year, when it will pursue residencies at a number of local venues. As for Modstock this week, it is by far the biggest performance in The Project's young career. Needless to say, the guys are pumped. They take the stage at 4 p.m., but if you're already intrigued, check out the band's Web site at

Article By: Alex Nordensen - The Heights (Boston College)

"BC Bands Play at O'Connell"

Anyone willing to make the hike to Upper Campus on Saturday night had the rare opportunity to see live music free of charge. Boston College's self-proclaimed jam-rock band, The Project, played a free two-hour show in the O'Connell House.

The band, made up of Adam Akpinar, A&S '08, Andrew Furth, A&S '09, Phil Logan, A&S '09, and Shane Becerra, CSOM '10, began playing together in February of this year. Their music, "an innovative blend of rock, pop, and soul," as put by drummer Akpinar, is influenced by a range of musical styles including classic rock, jam bands, R&B, and pop. "I like story telling," said Furth, for whom the band was originally named. The Andrew Furth Project, which debuted at Battle of the Bands this year, was soon shortened to The Project by both fans and the band itself.

Outside O'Connell House, one could hear the strains of music; through the window, one could see four guys having a great time with their instruments. Inside, the stairs and the rim were crowded with people sitting, but the music filled the room much more than the audience. The band's style is a unique pop/rock/jam infusion. The project played songs that ranged from "Sweet Home Alabama" to Bob Marley songs to their original pieces, showcasing their personal style in each song that they played.

At 9:15 p.m., the room was mostly just lined with people and a table of unopened snacks stood in the corner. By 9:30 p.m., however, the room started to fill up and soon could even be described as crowded. The musicians didn't really notice but kept playing a seamless stream of music, only sporadically stopping for water breaks or advertisements. The audience's feet were tapping, and most people were reveling in the music.

Around 10:20 p.m., the band decided to play an old favorite, "Sweet Home Alabama," which made a number of people stand up and dance. Their next two songs were very well received by the audience, which at this point were mostly dancing. "I wish I had come earlier," said Alicia Ryberg, A&S '11, upon hearing the last few songs. Many audience members seemed to feel the same way as they shouted, "Encore!" The band obliged, playing a song they had done at the beginning, too early for most people to be present for. It was very well received, and the crowd danced and yelled throughout the entire song.

Afterwards, the band thanked the audience and then stuck around to sell CDs and talk to their fans, while two other BC students, Denis Boulanger, CSOM '09, and Joe DeCarle, CSOM '09, set up to play the next time slot. Even though the room cleared out a bit, a good number stayed and listened to their set while others stayed to talk to members of The Project. The music was similar to the previous band, although it had a slightly mellower sound. They played a two-hour set from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m., letting their music encompass the old house.

At the end of the night, the remaining audience left satisfied after a night of free entertainment and food. The final musicians packed up their instruments and left the house. Those who attended know that these bands enjoy playing their music, but they also have higher goals. Members of The Project Boston want their fellow students to know that they want to "be the band on campus" and throughout Boston. "We would dream to be the new Guster, and come out of a college," said lead singer Furth. If they keep playing shows like the one this weekend, they may well on their way to becoming the next big thing. - The Heights (Boston College)

"Harper's Ferry Blog"

Band: The Project

Influences: Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, The Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Incubus

The Project, a Boston-based band started in 2006, is a unique mix of pop, rock and jam. This group of young musicians strive to blend classic and contemporary. With their fun, improvisational personalities, these guys always put on high-energy live performances.

Lead vocals and acoustic guitar are the roles of Andrew Furth. In his youth (like a year ago), Andrew was influenced by such greats as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Beatles. Audience members note Andrew’s modern performance style and vigorous energy.

Lead electric guitarist, Shane Becerra hails from New York, and is currently receiving his undergraduate degree from competitor state Massachusetts from the B trains destination, Boston College. The bands humorous biographical section on their website depicts Becerra in the light of a pageant contestant, highlighting his love of long walks on the beach and mai tais (better be 21 plus there bucko). Becerra is influenced by Incubus, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer.

Bass guitarist, Phil Logan is a proud and true Masshole. He has a strong jazz background and is touted on the group’s site as being “sexy,” although I’ll be the judge of that!

Drums of Adam Akpinar’s weapon of choice. At this point we don’t know much about Adam as he hasn’t published an autobiographical novel or film yet, nor has he written his personal biography on the group’s site. But don’t worry, the filler there currently states: “Adam is cool,” so I’m not worried.

Interested in learning more about this band and getting tickets? Yea me too, so Adam, get writing!

Listen to THE PROJECT at

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The Project
Man Can't Fly - EP (Released March 2009)
Available on iTunes,, and
1. Love & Music
2. Man Can't Fly
3. Neighbor's Wife
4. Graffiti
5. Mr. Recordman

The Project
Twenty South - EP (Released August 2007)
Available on iTunes and in Select Stores
1. Short Skirt
2. Nobska
3. Revolution
4. Never Get Enough
5. Supernova



The Project is an innovative blend of contemporary songwriting, groove-based improvisation, and classic rock energy.

This is "Junk Rock." This is The Project.

The band was founded in the winter of 2006, when established singer-songwriter Andrew Furth met up with progressive lead guitarist Shane Becerra (Turnpike - Albany, NY) to work on some new original material. The combination of Becerra's Progressive-Rock infused lead and Furth's old-school Funk/Jazz rhythm creates a dynamic interplay which serves as the backbone of the band's songwriting style. Bassist Phil Logan, trained in Jazz and Hip-Hop, round out the songwriting core of The Project.

In 2008, the band's current lineup was finalized. Berklee keyboards man Sham Kim, with his Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, and R&B flourishes, add a bit more soul as well as jazz-sensibility to the band's groove. Berklee drum whiz Jake Cohen jumped behind the kit, and his laid-back Funk groove makes everyone want to "Get Up!" and dance.

Though young performers, their sound reflects a mature blend of classic and contemporary influences ranging from the Allman Brothers Band to Led Zeppelin, Phish, Radiohead, and Bob Marley. The band's live show is most definitely their strong point. Their improvisational talents, fun-loving personalities, and love for "the game" combined with their deep understanding of the emotion of rock and roll make it a pants-off dance party every time these guys take the stage.