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"The Project"

Efforts such as “So Be It” and “Hard Money” feature superior accompaniment and such lyrics as will surely reach the turgid hearts of the masses. To wit: “'Who can argue the, death toll due to construction for our huge economy, my tools are a part of me.” There occasional stinging rebuke, such as, “I'm sorry brotha, the eighties are over,” adds some bracing sharpness to this largely mellow recording. One can readily intuit the influences of dub and reggae on this Nueva York triumvirate, but thankfully the intoxicated lassitude of those genres does not overtake the flows of The Project - Ghetto Blaster Magazine


The Truth Today - The Project

By: The MF'n Rapture

The Project's The Truth Today album cover jpeg, Unsigned The Magazine

Rare is the CD that I can pop in the deck and be instantly captured by what I hear. (I’m jaded as HELL, what can I say?) Having said that, I can only “WOW” about the LP I’m listening to right now. The Project is a crew out of NYC making major noise on nationwide underground scene, and from listening to their debut album The Truth Today, it’s not at all hard to see why. This is not some unsigned, amateurish sounding, sloppily produced offering. This is the real deal, people. King Gutta, SupaNova, and Jah C form the Project, have constructed a successfully cohesive project that has the advantage of not sounding like anything else on the market today.

With organic, live beats that range from sounding rock-inspired to boom-bap without a misstep, the three MCs more than adequately adapt to each soundscape, creating their own “sound”, something that has become increasingly difficult for indie artists these days. There are lags when the fellas sstart to sound a bit uninspired, despite the complex content they gravitate towards, displaying their views on the state of politics in our country, their neighborhood and of course hip- hop, but never is it any less than entertaining. The first single, “Light Feet” has a guitar driven riff, and an infectious hook bound to draw in even the most casual of listeners, and the rest of the tracks are equally as rich sonically. On the cut “Home Sweet Home”, the three play to their strengths, spitting passionately about the pride they have for their ‘hood and the attempts of the gov’t to uproot it’s native over a lush piano, a soothing bass, and drums that would compliment any live venue. Overall, the promising material here should be more than enough to keep folks interested in The Project for a long time to come.

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"The Truth Today"

Take Dipset's cocky swagger, mix it with Native Tounge-styled lyrics and you have NYC's THE PROJECT. Mc's SupaNova ,Jah-C , and King Guttah push progressive poetry over drum driven production. And while The Project's sound may come off contradictory at first, their change- the world - approach should get Al Sharpton's approval. - SCRATCH MAGAZINE(AW)


Past work: "Forefighters:Peace, LOVE and Hip Hop"
Currently:"The Truth Today" IN STORES NOW.
KEY TRACKS: "The Light Feet"-

"Home Sweet Home""Who Should I look Up To"
"Hard Money" "Yeah"




THE PROJECT is made up of three super talented musicians. King Guttah, Jah-C and SupaNova all hail from the inner cities of New York. With New York being the Hip Hop capital of the world , it was only right that these three would gravitate toward that artform. Hip Hop is all about taking different influences and experiences and putting it all together, and when The Project gets it going its sure to be a nice blend of sound and topics. Jah-C, who is the main musical force behind the groups multi-layered sound hails from Harlem by way of Brooklyn. King Guttah is also a Harlem bred emcee and producer. SupaNova represents one of NYC's more storied boroughs ,Brooklyn. Their individual origins play a key role in the sound they all bring to the table. Along with NYC , their infuences on the music tip is what sets their sound apart from the pack. Old soul like: Sam Cooke , Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes, and doo wop all have there say. Bands like Zero 7, Coldplay, White Stripes, and U2 all get there time in the boom box. And Hip Hop heroes , Run-DMC, Tribe Called Quest, NAS, B.I.G and Jay-z give these emcees the lyricisim to hold their own amongst anyone.
The Project started their musical journey in the year 2001, when they decided to band together and form the larger entity The New Rap Order. Under The New Rap Order umbrella, The Project would release a under the radar ep titled "The Project" and then follow up wit the critically acclamied "Forefighters" LP in 2003. The latter would garner them the support of the community and peers alike and reach all the coasts of the US. Catchin the ears of Glow In The Dark Records based in LA, the indie label fell in love with this NYC trio with the global appeal and signed them up immediately. After months of reworking and tweaking "Forefighters", The Project released "The Truth Today" September 18th 2007 on Glow In The Dark Records. With the smash single "The Light Feet" getting love in the clubs and online The Project is poised to bring "The Truth Today".