The Propane Daisies

The Propane Daisies


The Propane Daisies: 1. a nonsensical union of independent entities 2. an apt description for something that is simultaneously volatile and beautiful, explosive and tender 3. a band from Denver, Colorado.


The Propane Daisies formed in December 2007 upon the demise of northwest Denver favorite Switchgrass. Furthering a musical relationship that began nearly six years ago, drummer Justin Mesh and front man Eric McLennan enlisted the multi-talented Don Langeberg to create a new sound altogether. Shortly after that, the boys enlisted the help of Steve Knopper on keyboards.
It is a somewhat raw and powerful mix of rock, alt-country, Americana, punk, and DIY indie they have dubbed Alt-Garagicana. Because the genre is new, it lacks defined boundaries. And that’s just how The Propane Daisies like it.


None at the moment

Set List

Our typical sets are anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. We are capable of playing about two hours of music. We do about 75% original songs, and 25% cover songs.