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Make way for a new Vancouver music sound created by "The Proper Villains".

The Proper Villains are currently in the process of recording a new single to follow up their debut "Your Heart". Check back often for updates


In a world where guitar solos and rock stances are going out of style, and backing tracks with dancers are the new wave; The Proper Villains have found their place in between these two worlds. The Proper Villains are made up of musicians who have played in every genre known to man and combined have created a unique brand of music that is all their own.

This new group is armed with in your face ra...pping, stupid catchy melodies, and a full band that will leave you wondering “how did they do that?” Taking from all their previous experience, this group has made music that is a radio ready fusion of dance, pop and hip hop.

Lead by the infectious energy of Xo and L¸ audiences will be put in a party trance from beginning to end. Xo is an aggressive rapper full of raw energy that keeps crowds going, L has the goods and is a full out vocal power house, Pryce and Macs show their kick ass skills as they hold it down on guitar and bass as KS-One kills it with his dance beats on the drums.


Your Heart

Written By: The Proper Villains

Take time
Go away
Turn around
Cuz I need you to take time
Go away
Turn around
Yes I need you to stay, to stay
Yes I need you to stay, to stay

I’m locked down my world’s a prison
Confined only by the state of mind I live in
Infatuated with women and all this money I’m getting
I’m trapped by this rock star lifestyle I’m living
(I’m trapped, so lost)
Yah, it’s got me thinking like I need another
They say love is blind we can’t see each other
I’m addicted to these girls my bad habit
You can keep your heart
Yah you can have it

Did I push too hard?
Did I go too far?
To be the one from the start
Did I try too hard?
Did I go too far?
For your heart
For your heart
For your heart
For your heart
For your heart

I’m girl crazy, I’m losing my mind
Perfect 10, I got them dimes all standing in line
Got shorties over here and shorties over there, but I don’t really care forget these b*%$&^
(I don’t, I don’t care)
Rock star lifestyle I’m gonna live it up
Cuz I’m a virgin to these girls
I never give a f*&%$ about any this love shit
Never get a hold of me
After you getting under me you better get over me


I’m coming for your heart

Chorus out

The Storm

Written By: The Proper Villains

The Proper Villains – The Storm

Baby come on wake up open up your eyes
Cuz you’re falling apart
You’re sleeping your way into your own, your own demise, your own demise

I hope we learned a lesson after the last election
We in a time were a man ain’t defined by his complexion
It’s the recession or the second great depression
Obama’s our only hope he’s yet to make his impression
The ends coming it’s the resurrection
Of gods only son who died for our protection
It don’t matter how much money you gettin
You can’t buy back your past our buy your way to heaven

Listen to the prophets it ain’t about the profits
Wealth’s of the mind never about the pocket
I’m sick a tired I am permanently nauseous
I’m conscious of my actions I got a guilty conscience
Never boast about colorful clothes
Or how your money’s in rolls how you gettin the most
How you gonna push that phantom when you a phantom
How you gonna push them rolls when u a ghost

I feel the pressure building up
I think a storm is coming around
Staring through my window pane
All the hate turns to rain
And drowns me as it all falls down
Baby come on wake up open up your eyes
Cuz you’re falling apart
Your sleeping your way into your own, your own demise, your own demise

Let me tell you something the government will not reveal
They went to Afghanistan for the poppy fields
Iraq for oil Africa for diamonds
And meanwhile millions of children are out here dying
Politicians lying baby still crying themselves to sleep
Praying for somebody to take them to Zion
Take them away take them to never never land
Maybe the cheddar can but it can’t cuz I’m lactose intolerant I’m allergic to cheese
I’m addicted to the cash addiction’s a disease
Terminally ill can’t you see that we sick my life’s shit prescribe me some weed quick
I grew up to 36 listened to them wizards
Next them u know I’m sippin on the sizzurp
Kids going bizzerk think that I’m dying
I think I got a hypnotized mind

Looking for answers, answers, answers
So many questions, questions, questions
The only thing I know, I know, I know
I don’t need you
I think a storm’s coming in


Coming Soon.

Set List

Your Heart



The Storm

Work Out

Be Your Girl

Rock Me Baby

Young and Free

Coming to Life