The Propheteers

The Propheteers


Exploration of Sonic Textures, Energetic Melodies, Ambient Rhythms, and Tenacious Grooves.


Exploration of Sonic Textures, Energetic Melodies,
Ambient Rhythms, and Tenacious Grooves.

"The Propheteers put their music where their mouths are, staging a live show that's the equivalent of an iPod set to shuffle." The Mountain Xpress.

Adopting the phrase "Genre-bending Supernatural Rock" from a newspaper article,
The Propheteers live up to their heavy handle by crafting songs without limitations. Blending elements of worldly rhythms, funked-up fusion, organic electronica, with melodic sensibilities to present a cornucopia of sonic textures and song diversity, moving audiences from the soul to the dance floor and beyond. "Watching the Propheteers play is like seeing a ton of concerts at once...a show filled with variety and spontaneity."
-The Flag-Live

Drawing on influences from such greats as Steely Dan, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Jamirouqai, and The Beatles, The Propheteers offer an array of well crafted songs with a positive message and a colorful pallet of live performed sonic layers. Fueled by the sights and sounds of the world at-large, The Propheteers transform that energy into music from the gods & goddesses for us all to share. "The Day Kojak Died is classic Steely Dan-esque rock... Halas' song, Unit Love (about a robot in love with its owner) mixes R&B grooves with Jamiroquai-like dance rhythms" The Mountain Xpress.

Music is said to come from one’s soul, the soul our connection to the divinity or the spirit world, your higher power. Divine inspiration from our souls to yours
Thinking caps and party pants please!

-Prophet (prof'et), n. one who speaks by divine inspiration.
-Propheteer (prof'et''ear), n. a foot soldier armed with prophecy; one who is familiar with the use of prophecy, a teacher of prophecy.

The deep-rooted friendship and song-writing companionship of Sean Halas and Joseph Salvatore began in 1997 in Romeo, Michigan, while working as gas station clerks. After years of off and on recreational playing the two found Asheville, NC as the place to begin their careers in music. Officially united under the name The Propheteers in Dec. of 2005, after Salvatore convinced Halas to temporarily relocate to Flagstaff, Arizona, in order to establish The Propheteers. After wetting their feet throughout Arizona the band returned back to Asheville in May of 2006. Currently in the recording studio recording their first album which began in August '07 The Propheteers will be releasing this long awaited LP early in ‘08.


White from Gray

Written By: Sean Halas

Why do I feel so confused, and used
With my passiveness do I fuel their rule. How much should I fight, and should I give, till I feel right. Of 6 billion I am one, what could be done.
It is so warm in these walls, and decadent halls. Does that mean I'm fit to survive, this night. Should I feel the shame for what I have and take for granted everyday. There is nothing I can do, but sit here and wait.
bridge: He was not man, like you and I, but he was the very same, the end is only another word for beginning he said, as surely as night can only lead to day. As white came from gray.
As I stared into his bearded face, ages passed and passed till time slipped away. The universe rests solely in my mind he said, and what I wish to change, I may. As white came from gray.


The long awaited first LP is scheduled for release early in '08

Set List

With over a three hour reprtoire of original music, the length and types of sets may vary upon a venue requests.

Set List:

- For Ezekiel
- The Book
- White From Grey
- Brother
- Atrium
- Second Time Around
- Nameless
- Nameless II
- Anyhey
- It Was You
- Late Hit
- Choel’s Waltz
- Hannibal
- Bad Broccoli
- Red Hot Sweet Tomatoes
- It’s Made Of People
- The Day That Kokak Died
- Sharp Cheddar
-Good Vibes
-Jenovah Safe
- Four Long Years
- The Alchemist
-The Beast
- Unit Love