The Prophets

The Prophets

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Thug Manson

Written By: Pheroe

(Verse Two)

I could tell you a story
but i rather throw you many Stories off a Barnes & Nobles building,
Be Cause I Cause Death Strokes as a Disguised Villain,
Do You really want to Notice this Guy killing?
16 bars now doing 25 to life I'ma gangster woman ,
Tax you for your life, go support your wife And children,
but Really What's a Kid To the deadliest Man-Son,
if you don't believe me then Go And ask Fathom,
Never ask a stupid question, unless Mr. Smith and Wesson will Have to solve Them,
Do You Comprehend my Drift?
While These so called gangsters Try to Split my G-Code,
national treasure mark the X's where ever I go,
have no problem scratching off bar codes,
If you're not digging pheroe, Then Pheroe will dig you a hole,
cuz there's one thing about us you should really fucking know