The Prospect

The Prospect


We are a local indie rock band that play many gigs and sell out most of them too. We have played a few festivals in the past and have some very good experience at gigging. We may seem pretty standard but have a very unique live sound and try to create intimacy with any audience, no matter how big.


We are The Prospect from Reading, UK and we'd like to think that what sets apart from other acts is our live performance; we like to create intimacy, for example we use long guitar leads and our guitarists like to get into the crowd. Our energy on stage we like to think is un-rivalled, and something we are extremely proud of. We formed in early 2008 after a stint of being in a few other bands so have lots of experience we chose to bring to The Prospect, our influences include Green Day, The Killers, Oasis and many more.


A New Beginning EP - Was featured on local BBC Radio and sold out copies at the launch gig.

Set List

Typical setlist includes 5 songs of own (can play more) all from the EP and also a similar amount of covers from some of our favourite bands, e.g. we cover Green Day & Oasis amongst others. At festival shows we would play more of our own songs rather than filling a set with covers.