The Prospero Collapse

The Prospero Collapse


So many bands have written in this exact box, trying to fathom great words to convince the reader that they are worthy. Words are nothing compared to the music that is behind them. Listen to our band and you will hear the joy, passion, and hard times of 5 individuals. Perhaps you can relate.


Being musicians and music nerds, we love a lot of bands. But, our sound can be related to the likes of Saosin, Alexisonfire, Underoath, TREOS, and Closure In Moscow (Aus). We started this band in 2006, we have suffered the trials, we have gone through the motions and we're finally ready to begin. What sets us apart? You'll just have to see.


We currently have a 4 song EP available for shows, fans, and such. 3 of the songs can be heard at our myspace ( We are currently writing a full-length album.

Set List

A typical set consists of "Cross Your Oceans", "Astronautics", "Calcutta Indefinitely", "New Song #1", "New Song #2", "Carry Your Weight". It is roughly a half hour set as most of the shows we play require it. We could go longer.