The Prowlers

The Prowlers


The Prowlers are a classic rock and roll as well as Original rock band that bring back that authentic Elton John and The Beatles sound with modern day guitar and bass lines that get people dancing!


The Prowlers began formerly as "Night Sky" based out of Sacramento with a different Bass and Guitarist in 2004 then slowly morphed it's way to a new crew and new name.The main influences are classic rock icons from the 60's and 70's like Elton John,The Beatles,The Moody Blues,and Chicago with over 50 Original songs written by Mark the leader that sound similar to their roots based 35+ years ago and with a new rock style to them.The Prowlers have a VERY unique sound that sets them apart from ANY Sacramento area classic rock band as in they are not your "typical" bar band that plays Mustang Sally 10 times per night.Our Set list contains many #1 top ten chart hits,yet abstract enough to be remembered and loved by many!


Prowlers DEMO CD available by contacting Mark Garrett at the info provided.Or by listening to our song samples here. Also, try for further info.

Set List

We have 4 Sets worth of music {4 hours}.
Will update the list ASAP..under contruction..*