The Pryde

The Pryde

 Bronxville, New York, USA

The Pryde is an amalgamation of many different types of music, with influences stemming from blues, alternative, pop-punk, and rock. We are a group of 5 guys trying to make our own unique impression on the loosely-defined world of rock music.


The Pryde formed in late 2008 in Bronxville, New York. Within a few months, the group was in the recording studio, creating their first EP, called "Super Happy Awesome Magic Fun-Time Go-Go Music Special Record CD", featuring 5 original songs. Shortly after the release of this EP, The Pryde began playing shows in the local area with other local artists, trying to get their music heard. The group then spent the next two years playing shows and recording their debut full-length album "Hubrys", featuring 16 original tracks recorded over the span of two years. "Hubrys" was released on iTunes on January 3, 2011.

The Pryde's main influences include such bands as Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, The Strokes, and Motion City Soundtrack. They play music that has been described as "a 90s alternative rock throwback with a modern twist and cleaner drums, guitar, and sax." Ranging from smooth Indie grooves to raging Hard Rock riffs, The Pryde is not afraid to embrace their chameleon-like tastes in order to truly express themselves.


Super Happy Awesome Magic Fun-Time Go-Go Music Special Record CD (2009)
Hubrys (2011)

Featured Tracks:
Beggars Can't Be Choosers
No Escape
Silver Lining
I Want Out
Bury Me
From the Eyes of Icarus