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The Przdntz


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Honor Among Thievez "Catch us in the Street" LP-2003
Radio Release- Hot 98.1 Upstate, SC: Honor Among Thievez "DJ Merf Dog intro" DJ Merf Dog evening show
Israel Mcguire "25th Hour" LP-2005
Private Property "Mixtape" LP-2007
GQ "Out on Bond Mixtape" LP-2007
Radio release- Hot 98.1 Upstate, SC: GQ "Hot 9 at 8" Tone Hollywood radio show-2007
Israel Mcguire "The Martyr" LP-2008
The Przdntz "Civil War" EP-2008
Radio Release- La Mega 98.1 Orlando, FL/Miami, FL/Philidelphia, PA: Barbosa "La Buya" La Buya morning show
Radio Release- La Mega 98.1 Orlando, FL: Barbosa feat. Israel Mcguire "Al Palo" DJ Frenchy afternoon show
Simi "Sky's the Limit mixtape" LP-2010
The Przdntz "The Deployment" EP-2010



It all began in the small confines of a two-bedroom apartment in Spartanburg, South Carolina when Nick Barbosa was introduced to Israel McGuire by a mutual friend. Their mutual passion for music caused them to forge a bond which has been tested and proven to withstand the most extreme opposition. Creating countless mix tapes and releasing two projects under the name Honor Among Thievez, the group would later morph into THE PRZDNTZ, after some changes in membership and lifestyle. The band’s new name represents their efforts to strive for excellence in all aspects of life, as would any president. Like their major influences, Linkin Park and Rage Against the Machine, The Przdntz also fight for supremacy amongst those who stand in the path of musical freedom and righteousness but their method and style is what sets them apart. Songs like "the System" fuses slow melodic drum patterns with hypnotic bass lines, thought-provoking lyrics, smooth guitar riffs and heavy synth sounds taking a casual approach into revealing the inner workings and rigors of corrupt business practices which are prevalent in industry today. The Przdntz crosses over hip hop into heavy metal with songs such as "I Hustle", which incorporates high energy guitar leads over hard hitting drums. Looped piano and string interpolations compliment the arrangement’s edgy theme, accompanied by raspy rock vocals with a rap twist. Overall, The Przdntz exude a one-of-a-kind energy and passion, that either live or on record, listeners can truly feel.