The Psychodillos
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The Psychodillos

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Psychodillos"

Very Trippy! - Houston Press


These guys remind me of why I started going to see live music. - Gator Press

"Out & About"

Go see them now while it's still intimate; by next year you'll be waiting in line for tickets. - Music News ( Houston)

"Fresh Blood"

It looks like Houston does have more to offer the music world than Heavy Metal and Hip Hop. - Austin Chronicle

"The Psychodillos et Zuphreeeee!"

Zu Flurtle gog shraunzebarble upftt kibobo The Psychodillos, earthling jamband, schurbeemxikrunk wow. Eeps a bpelu scritzoinstb phatveggiewhatevertheyum un de lot. - Intergalactic Review


LCC - 12_17_04
I Can't Believe We're in Bryan, TX - 9_4_04
Good Friday Live - 04_09_04
Live at The Rhythm Room - 11_04_03 Houston, TX
Live at Space Place - Texas House Concerts 11_30_03 Houston, TX



The Psychodillos
Good Vibe Jams for the Discerning Listener

Psycho - (Greek psychE) -, soul, life, breath,
(from psychein) - to breathe.
Dillo - (Greek dEloun) - to show, to make visible,
(from dElos) evident.

The Psychodillos are a blend of rock, funk, Gospel, R&B, jazz, reggae, and pop music, with hints of bluegrass, a must see for JamBand fans. The Psychodillos provide quality jams that are creative and intellectual, but so much more. The Psychodillos convey an emotional expression often absent from today's music.

The music of The Psychodillos is improvisational at heart. Where action is a beginning point, it is reaction and interaction that lead to life's most incredible and beautiful moments. Most of The Psychodillos music is based on simple songs, with a structured framework and lyrics based on human experience and spirituality. At each performance, the songs are given an opportunity to breathe and become, which is why on any given night a song may be several minutes longer or shorter than it was on the previous night. Segues are a given; this one time, at 'dillo camp, the band played an hour and a half before their first stop in the music. Even traditional music purists will be excited when The Psychodillos turn off all of the effects and play an all acoustic set. If Americana is American roots music, then The Psychodillos are Milky Wana, or even Outer Spacana.

Members of The Psychodillos have shared the stage with such notable acts as RAQ, New Birth Brass Band, The Edgar Winter Group, Billy Cobham, Bo Didley, Alice Cooper, Jason Bonham, The Artemus Pyle Band, Kenny Neal, Conrad Johnson, Jr. Medlow, Ted Nugent, Bobby Blue Bland, Oscar Perry, Southern Drawl, Ian Moore, Andy Williams, Roy Head, Carolyn Wonderland, Moses Guest, Brian Wakeland of Polyphonic Spree & Tripping Daisy, and more, including an invitation to play the George R Brown Convention Center for Evacuees of Hurrican Katrina.

The Psychodillos formed in the fall of 2003 when the guys were introduced by aliens in a diner. The music has continued to gel and evolve ever since the abduction.

The Psychodillos are generating a buzz as a great band. Based in Houston, Texas, they will travel anywhere. Want them to visit your town? Drop them a line. I'm sure they'd be happy to come visit.