The Pubbys

The Pubbys

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
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The Premiere Pub band. The Pubbys are part Irish, part Cover, All Attitude. We engage audiences with ripping solos history, fact & legends of both Irish and pub culture. In short we are a good time that celebrates drinking, storytelling & play off our audience. We play clubs, pubs & world festivals.


The Pubbys, were formed in 2011 by Ryan O'Reily and Micheal John O'Connor. Since then they built a repertoire of original hits that adds up to over 30 songs with another 300 covers to boot. Separately they have been playing for over 10 years each under their solo names and other projects in places all over such as their own rural Wisconsin, Chicagoland, Montana, Tahoe, California, Argentina, Korea & Japan. Irish in lineage and spirit these two play standing weekly gigs off the Brew City's famed, Milwaukee St every Friday Night as well as monthly gigs across the state & country. The Pubbys are scheduled to travel the Midwest and the upper East Coast later this summer.


Ryan O'Reily has released 1 solo album (Tortilla Riot) in 2009 and is working on an album with the Brimley's band who have played Summerfest 5 of the last 6 years and will play the Harley Davidson Stage this year.

Michael (Brumm) John O'Connor has released two solo albums ("Chapter 3" in 2005 & "Roll" in 2008) and usually plays 5 or 6 shows outside of the Pubbys as a professional working musician.

The Pubbys are working on releasing their first album with a host of collaborators, called "#FreePints", by the end of the year.

You can follow some of their music on their website or follow the URL,