The Puppet Mastas

The Puppet Mastas


Whereas the trend of performing today leads towards genre-specific artists, The Puppet Mastas have eliminated all conceptions of labeling with their all-encompassing style. Any crowd, any genre, any time.


djC and Spankalicious Esq. III have redefined the term "dynamic duo". Grounded in traditional music education, both have spent years studying percussion and musical performance in all variations.

The social aspect of music has led thse two in the exploration of countless dance environments, from the clubs and warehouses to endless summer festivals to parking lot improv. Combining everything that is dance, The Puppet Mastas have evolved from these roots and from the love of music.

The utilization of Serato Scratch Live and Ableton Live software has created a limitless environment in which both djC and Spankalicious thrive. Infectious funk from all genres fused with live beat production and remixing allow the creators to literally take the crowd with them for the night.

All you need to supply is the three-prong outlet.

TPMs history includes: national tours, professional performances, educational positions, arrangement, artist promotion, beat production, studio recording, compilation production, distribution and record deals.


The Puppet Mastas- 2006

Set List

Complete typical set lists genres:

Old school hip-hop.
Modern hip-hop.
Top 40.
Original tracks.

However, the always eclectic crowd ultimately determines the track selection and the flow of the evening. More than requests, The Puppet Mastas are able to read and control the crowd.