The Purple Cow Story
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The Purple Cow Story

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"H. Barry Zimmerman"

"The band's chaos is out front: its song structure is loose and weird and loud...they rock" - The Gazette

"Austin Tackett"

"Abrasive as hell, yet ultimately sweet in nature, The PCS will make your ears bleed and your head nod" - POP Magazine

"Terry Mcdaniel- Album Review"

"The Purple Cow Story should easily garnish more fans as well as record label attention with this strong debut. The band plays and soars together like a well made jet fighter. The guitar licks are all poignant and striking, the drums are fantastic, making the lack of a bass an afterthought. The intricacy in their writing and orchestration as well as their creativity make this band stand out on their own. The modern sounds of TPCS should appeal to anyone who "gets" what the aforementioned bands were all about; consequently you should definitely go and get this." -

"ORGAN Magazine- Album Review"

"... Fast, scuzzy, creative, urgent, a vibrant alternative new wave bite and a band who for once don’t want to be the Gang of Four. Seems they play every single night of their lives and people were demanding a recording, seems they’ve taken a little time to deliver the goods, seems they’ve been doing it all themselves – you wouldn’t know it, certainly doesn’t sound low budget, sounds just right, Albini would be proud of ‘em. He’d like the attitude, the raw (yet very clear and professional) sound, and the bits that kind of taste like the Cure and the naked fist fights in redneck bars and, ah well he’d just like it. Proper stuff, like Big Back or Jesus Lizard or Sonic Youth and with that much needed bit of identity that’s all the Purple Cow’s own – fine fine earfood, well worth your time and effort."

- ORGAN Magazine (UK)


We have just released our self-titled debut in September.

Our songs have been played many times over the last year on local radio station, 94.7 The Buzz and on numerous online streaming stations.....

We will be touring the whole country from March 15th to April 15th.....dates and details will be up shortly......


Feeling a bit camera shy


Well, well, well, The Purple Cow Story finally releases
an album! After years spent perfecting their high-end, bassless noise-rock at countless live shows, people started demanding to have - something to take home other than sore ears and blown minds. Here it is, finally!

Recorded and rerecorded by the band themselves
over a year and a half at rehearsal spaces, living rooms, bathrooms and even a legitimate studio. Recorded under the duress of band members moving to the U.K. and Russia, working full-time jobs and having full-time university loads, we now get a tangible product that the band initially intended to be a document just for themselves, always wanting to put off a "real" recording to do "later". A squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the screaming kids got their CDs! People heard the recording for themselves and wanted one to take home.

The Purple Cow Story carry on the creative and passionate intensity of the bands they grew up on, including such disparate influences as: Madonna, Sonic Youth, and Big Black and twist then into something wholly their own No lame emo haircuts, no white belts, no rock posturing, these three guys from Oklahoma play music as a means to no other end other than creating something they love and hopefully others will too. An honest, passionate, and intense experience is in store for all those who come to witness The Purple Cow Story in action.