The Pursuit

The Pursuit


were mainly indie/alternative rock. but we incorporate a bit of classic rock in our guitar solos. we concentrate on making the songs powerful and energetic.


we call our selves an indie/alternative rock band, but our sound is very original and we cant classify exactly what we are. the main focus of our music is to make it powerful and energetic so that the crowd will want to see us again, and so they always want to listen to our music, we want to make it addictive. i think our sound is like no one else's and we can bring a variety of styles to the table.


on the Chill Out East Coast Edition vol. 23 compilation CD for song "coffee house"

Set List

Not the End
Family Girl
Is it You?
Coffee House
Lights in the Movies
Tore Me Twice
Save Me

-our sets can vary from 10 minutes to an hour
-we don't cover often, but when we do we cover:
the killers
dashboard confessional
arctic monkeys