The Pursuit

The Pursuit


Our music is a unique blend of Rock, Pop, and Electronica. Our songs are usually upbeat and danceable, but if the moments right we're not afraid to get a little emotional! If you're into bands like Hellogoodbye, Cartel, Angels & Airwaves, and Metro Station, our sound might just be for you!


Steve Winick and Dusty Kiaski began playing music Christmas Eve, 2004, with two newly opened Christmas presents; An Epiphone Les Paul and a Yamaha keyboard. They soon found their new hobby developing into a passion, and by summer they added their friend Quebec Gibbons on as drummer for "Another Day in the Office". For the next three years the boys practiced hard, and went through various lineups and name changes. Finally, in 2007 the boys decided on "The Pursuit". After they had built up a sizeable amount of material they began to play shows around the Canton area. An instant hit in the local seen, things seemed to be going perfectly, but like most stories there's always a twist. Quebec always had different musical taste than Steve and Dusty so in the beginning of 2008 he left the band for a new, more "indie" group. Steve and Dusty continued where the they had left off, and decided to take their music in a new direction. Combining electronic FX with big beats and powerful guitars they found themselves a niche in a unique crossover genre consisting of Rock, Pop, and Electronica.


Our First CD is expected to be released in the summer of 2008. It's title will be "Welcome Back Freedom".

Set List

Until the End of Time
The Last Goodbye
Take My Hand
For As Long As It Takes
Welcome Back Freedom
Love You Madly
Black Book

We don't often do covers, but when we do we like to do well known music that will get the crowd energized.