The Pussy Pirates

The Pussy Pirates


The Pussy Pirates are four ladies and a guy playing jazz infused post punk/no wave that is frenetic and danceable.


The Pitch:

Step right up folks! Come one, come all! Rainbow teeth are everywhere; demons are flying through the air! Hold onto your hankies, The Pussy Pirates will dazzle you as they dish out dangerously dubious dollops of dastardly debauchery! This tantalizing troupe of four ferocious females and a feisty fellow are guaranteed to slick your sprockets! Stumble into our psycho circus, performance piece, cannibal feast! It’ll take more than a moist toilette to wipe the sin away, but as they say, demons do as demons must! In the dark spot behind your eyes, where the empty learns how to shine, find what it means to be alive! It’s a little wet… feel a little splash.

The Pussy Pirates. Stompin’ out the firepit of politricks since 2004.


Burning Bush

Written By: Gabriela

come! burn the heretic...
you know they guy with shit for eyes
he can't see through the brutality
of my fist pounding through his spleen

still don't believe
drip drip drip
can't disguise the gaping hole
my insides!
pull out yours
rope intestines
bake your brain
carved confessions
with a strip of your skin
moist towlette to wipe the sin
hairy knuckles bloody teeth
chewed tongues can only

my sweet you have no choice
look at me while i eat
your oily eyelids of deceit
i can't see your meaning
you must see mine! i hold the knife!
squeel more clear, still 'no no no'?
sounds like 'ah ah ah'
down we go!

so tie you up with hay and sticks
make you sing succubus
wrapped around splitting tongues
dungeon please do come in
sticks and stones
clicks and whips
you're just a faggot
dancing around
the firepit of politricks!

inhale my smoke or speak His name
the eternal effort we never take in vain!
speak His glory
ew, how gorey...
say with me

Dorcas Good

Written By: Karen

little gypsy girl she's only 4 years old
running by her mother's side
i know this may sound bold
they're witches! the devil's! they're witches!

my pets! the devil's everywhere!
on land, in hell, and in those chairs
make no exception, old and young
the devils here all must be hung!

jail them both mother daughter
devil's here and now we've caught her!

demons do as demons must
snakes and blood, fire lust!
demons do as demons must
snakes and fire!

righteous is the job of man, justice with unbiased hands
we'll have a trial by cotton mather
all the evidence... i know this may sound bold
they're witches! the devil's! they're witches!

scratching the wall, for half my life
i must be sick!

take this child deep underground
where only rats and bars are found
her cell is small her irons tight
this child will never know the night!


Written By: Gettye Lee

SawSandBones and BrokenHomes
bars that never close
trees and roots guns and boots
where does the time go
SodaPop neighborhood watch
nails in the street
got wings on my feet
here to there for a case of beer 2 flights of
stairs and no tip
jump the curb brake and swerve
2 broken ribs

like an ancient dinosaur
like a modern dinosaur
out of sight out of mind
out of luck out of time

rivers and lakes rats and snakes
i'm so fucking smart
i drink anddrink anddrink anddrink
it helps my broken heart
bitch and moan, roll your own
you're so punk rock
college bound gossip hound
hot topic mohawk
plugs and a rug that match the drapes
15 feet away and i can smell how you taste
it's not that your not hot i'm just not in the mood
i lie through my teeth cuz i hate bieng rude
daqueris and little piggys standing on their noses
60 points not one oink plastic as our
poses, bled you fair then did your hair
buy me sushi
if one more bad thing happens, do me a favor and shoot me
in the face not in the leg or my arm or my heart
in the head shoot me dead eat my brain call it art

performance piece, cannibal feast just keep a
straight face, no matter how i taste.

The Teeth

Written By: Jessica and Gabriela

You pull my teeth out
inside my dream
my gums are bleeding!
all over me,
this psycho circus
is trapping me
i'm going toothless
and my gums they bleed!
i tried to shout!
i tried to scream!
but the lochness monster
was coming after me!
ba da da da da
ba da da da da
ba da da da da
da da da da

Tus labios
tan vacios
que sabrian
a vidrio
yo no se
quien ha sabido
como sabe
el vacio
pero caliente,
me arde hasta mi alma!
pues, dejame masticar el vidrio lijero de mis vicios
mis vicios!

Stickboy Lullabye

Written By: Gettye Lee and Gabriela

pick up my pen draw a line
bobble head, google eyes
sketch me a partner for my crimes
not too shy, not too wise

red orange box the caption reads
'to ease the world i'll gladly bleed
just put the cup in front of me'

draw me up (buttercup)
infiltrate (animate)
blur the lines
while we masturbate

dead meat, eat me please.


Written By: Gettye Lee

chisles chains, spoons and masons
i never left the state of texas!

black bats
fly by
white faces
never left the state of texas

well yeah!
do i?
believe in
ghosts, you betcha!

The Bed

Written By: Gabriela

My bed has three corners
an angel sits on each edge
the Virgin lies in the middle
she mouths to me silently
'repose and sleep sleep dream
don't be afraid of bad things'
but what she don't understand
is the BAD in me calls the boogeyman!

The Bad (my bed!)
The Bad (me bed!)
Calls (calls)
The Boogeyman

Make my bed like a little prayer
hoping you might sleep there
quietly next to me
caressing me into dreams
bones fall from your eyes
and fill my hands with sand
but in these deep dark lands
the BAD in me just calls the boogeyman!

My bed has a space for you
though my G-d says you're bad news
my heart says no vacancy
but yet it just longs to bleed
there's an emptiness inside of me
that just wants your mouth to feed
but each night i lie lonely
cause the bad in me just wants the boogeyman!

Hairy Needle Flesh

Written By: Gabriela

'scuse me while i sputter mumble bout some bullshit called a broken heart
gravel of broken glass shards
cutting my feet
as i walking sleep - zombie around
fuck you, as i smile sweet cause shit
i already jumped through the chasm
of permafrown
there ain't nothing left to do
when there ain't shit to do about it
so i just stumble round
looking down every now and again
thinking, well shit at least i recognize
these shoes

hairy needle flesh coming out of my eyes
sweat piss and dirt all fucking gone dry
infected blood flying with fake wings
you say i roll up in here all fucking bonnie and clyde
thinking i'm so fly right? sly!
what i think you missed right here
broken glass corner eye
is i don't give a fuck
cause there's nothing left to hide
(she don't give a fuck cause there's nothing to hide)
when you've cried the nothing
you're dead inside
fuck you and your xmas light eyes
i can still hear your giggle
echo in my mind

grind my teeth
until enamel squeeks out
the heartbeat of every fucker
that i love
but you each hate me
don't even breathe sweet pleasantries
vulture clawing my tits
pecking at my bone!
you think you're scratching me
tripping into my unknown!
but it's empty red vacant
shit, not even a place
a spider'd spin his home
pickled heart brine encrusted
dreary bone feet
but there's still enough of me
to choke down some swiss on wheat
drink some coffee with whisky
look up through burnt moth eyes
'thank you honey'
sweetly whispered inside
cause i can absorb no light!

when you've cried the nothing you're dead inside
i don't give a fuck if you like me
i'd prefer that you hate me
so you'd leave me the fuck alone!

but girl, i'll be your shadow puppet
if you ever turn that flashlight on.

Vampires in the Towel Rack

Written By: Marie

Turn off the lights and
the world dissapears
spiralling into nothing
seeing greatest fears
nothing is happening
everything is twirling
completely lost in confusion
is this just an illusion?

Rainbow Teeth
are everywhere
Demons Flying
through the air
Vampires Vampries
in a towel rack
6 Hours 6 Hours
of madness

drowning in this futon couch
as i look over at Tavi
i've never felt so small
skulls on the bathroom floor
laughter takes a hold
nothing is scary
everything is wonderful!

Tied Up
Lights Out
Panties Off


"The Pussy Pirates" demo, self released 2004
"The Pussy Pirates" EP, self released 2005
"Die Die Die" Split 7" w/ The Teeth, self released 2006
"Eat My Brain, Call It Art." LP, self released 2007
"Pussy Pirates' Plastic Paradise" to be released September 2008 on Riot Grrrl Ink

Our releases have enjoyed airtime on: WCBN FM Ann Arbor, WORT FM Madison, WLUW FM Chicago, CJAM FM Detroit, Subcity Radio (Glasgow), East Village Radio, Deathrock internet radio, Captian Greybeard's Etherwave Radio, Orchard internet radio, Lame Punk internet radio as well as multiple low-frequency pirate stations.

Set List

Our sets range from 20 - 60 minutes, depending on the event.
A typical setlist may look like:

The Bonk
Hairy Needle Flesh
Gee, I'd hate to see you choke on that tofu...
Burning Bush
Dorcas Good
Stickboy Lullabye
The Teeth
Vampires in the Towel Rack
Plastic Island
Get Your Gynie Outta Ma Face
Yummy in my Lungy
The Bed

Past Covers Include:
Blue Rondo a la Turk by Dave Brubek
New York's Alright by Fear
Kill The Poor by Dead Kennedys
Decepticon by Le Tigre