The Pussy Pirates
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The Pussy Pirates


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""The Treatment""

"PUSSY PIRATES If you can get past their name, these [4 women and 1 guy] (four from Ann Arbor, one from Chicago) might just charm your socks off. They all play the part of the tough girl, with stay-the-hell-away hairdos and curled upper lips, but their punchy doomsday horn punk brims with love, spirit, and humor. The two lead singers growl and shout about demons, jailbait, a half-eaten nun--even when they coo it's full of shrapnel--and between lines they deliver ska-tinged stings and hyperventilating solos (one doubles on tenor sax, the other on alto and trumpet). Meanwhile spooky tendrils of surf guitar dart in and out of the choppy, hectic stomp of the rhythm section. It's rousing, painful, and over with quick, like a bar fight." - Chicago Reader

""Gimme Danger!""

"They have already started by the time I get there: four women [and a guy] are playing in the corner of a living room. There aren't any lights on in the room, but they're lit from behind as another band is setting up. There's a three-note frantic bass line and a wailing saxophone, and punks in sleeveless T-shirts crowding up within inches of the singer, who is stomping around with the microphone inches from her mouth. I think she's singing about cigarettes.

The Pussy Pirates are impossible not to like when you see them. They're rugged and glistening, a whirlwind even in a small room. They've got the gleeful abandon of the Slits and the rock of the Bush Tetras. The Pussy Pirates shout and wrangle with their instruments like they're strange animals barely controlled. They're the sharp tang that cuts through the endless wash of mediocre bands in mediocre bars." - Current Magazine

"Note Worthy"

"This Saturday, The Pussy Pirates return to Chicago. They're an [mostly]-gurl quintet (four members from Ann Arbor, plus one Chicagoan) who can kick up a delightful racket like nobody's biz. Natch, indebtedness to Bikini Kill will come to mind for some. But they owe much more to the first-gen crop of post-punk outfits like the Slits, X-Ray Spex, and Lilliput. As such, the Pirates are joyously energetic, exciting, and whimsically fun (and funny) in a way that the aforementioned often were. If that weren't enough, they throw in a good portion of honking, wonky saxophone to give it all extra propulsion. They'll be playing at the non-profit art space Reversible Eye, and the occasion marks a release party for the band's first full-length, Eat My Brain, Call It Art" - Gaper's Block


"The Pussy Pirates" demo, self released 2004
"The Pussy Pirates" EP, self released 2005
"Die Die Die" Split 7" w/ The Teeth, self released 2006
"Eat My Brain, Call It Art." LP, self released 2007
"Pussy Pirates' Plastic Paradise" to be released September 2008 on Riot Grrrl Ink

Our releases have enjoyed airtime on: WCBN FM Ann Arbor, WORT FM Madison, WLUW FM Chicago, CJAM FM Detroit, Subcity Radio (Glasgow), East Village Radio, Deathrock internet radio, Captian Greybeard's Etherwave Radio, Orchard internet radio, Lame Punk internet radio as well as multiple low-frequency pirate stations.



The Pitch:

Step right up folks! Come one, come all! Rainbow teeth are everywhere; demons are flying through the air! Hold onto your hankies, The Pussy Pirates will dazzle you as they dish out dangerously dubious dollops of dastardly debauchery! This tantalizing troupe of four ferocious females and a feisty fellow are guaranteed to slick your sprockets! Stumble into our psycho circus, performance piece, cannibal feast! It’ll take more than a moist toilette to wipe the sin away, but as they say, demons do as demons must! In the dark spot behind your eyes, where the empty learns how to shine, find what it means to be alive! It’s a little wet… feel a little splash.

The Pussy Pirates. Stompin’ out the firepit of politricks since 2004.