The Pyrotones
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The Pyrotones

Santa Rosa, California, United States | SELF

Santa Rosa, California, United States | SELF
Band Jazz Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pyrotones at The Sweet Spot"

We have enjoyyed having the Pyrotones play at our pub in Santa Rosa. They are a professional and energizing band and always draw great reviews from the audience. Fabulously entertaining and you can dance too! - John and Lila Ryan (owners)

"Lee Baxter"

The Pyrotones are a very professional sounding band. Their blend of Jazz funk and rock is both original and fun. Each piece of music has its own flavor and style. Each of the members of the band is of very high caliber in both musicianship and professionalism. The song writing is both hooky and moody without sounding dated or trite. I have enjoyed every Pyrotones show I have seen and look forward to many in the future. - Lead guitarist "Aftertayste"

"Coffee Katz"

The Pyrotones have a great Jazz sound, good energy from the band. Balanced and enjoyable, like they have played together for a long time. - Kurt Sanford (Barrista)

"Revue of "Holy Land Groove""

Great Moments in Reggae
With the subsonic spatterings of the bass and easy grooving laid back feel of the one drop we smoothly slide into jamaica ecstasy. I can almost smell the rum now!!
Some very nice work here. Exceptional sounds and mixing job throughout.
The tenor saxophone solo here is engaging and clever, giving us dips and slides and glissandos at every turn,openly beckoning us to return for some more, as the organ slips into the party and puts on a display of swagger and confidence, after the solo, everyone is conviced of it's validity. At 3:33 we have a use of space and are propelled forward by a very reserved but creative drummer.
This song has some great moments of reggae jam rock installed here thanks to the fabulous musicians involved. Using the utmost care and respect we hear the musicians infuse us with the peaceful, lovingly warm undertones that are so prevalent in reggae. Great work, Thank you for your music, good luck!!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Mood.
- heathergrooves
Fort Myers, Florida
February 7th, 2006

"Revue of Got Soul"

Want to hear some good smooth Jazz? Just click play....
A friend and co-worker once said to me, after a rather difficult day at work, "Today is one of those days when you need to go home, mix your favorite drink, put on your favorite Jazz album, and just CHILL."

This song was made for a night like that.

The bass licks are nice. Subtle, but nice. I like the alternating low runs and high runs. The bass never hogs the show. It just sits back and says, "You want rhythm section? I'll SHOW you rhythm section."

The keyboard is quite impressive during the solo parts. You mist have very quick hands, sir.

The Sax is nicely reminiscent of some of Coltrane's work. Smooth, but dominant, confident, but not cocky.

I could listen to music like this endlessly. I hope you people put out an album.
Extra Credit: Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Melody, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track.

- nevermindflip
Oz, Kansas
January 27th, 2006


"Revue of Celtic Memories"

Just beautiful
What a classy piano melody. Amazing sax tune. Nice backing guitars.
Unbelievable melody.
Coolest production.
What more can I say? this is just beautiful thats all.
Extra Credit: Keyboards, Mood.
- BRBrecords
March 15th, 2006


CD' s available on CD Baby:
"The Pyrotones"
"Self Destruct in 10 seconds"

See Snocap and CD baby, soon to be on itunes



The Pyrotones have been around for about 6 years now. We recently imploded and then rebuilt with Brett Palm and Ralph Koralik who have played with nationally and internationally known musicians. Our band features 3 songwriters at present though we still enjoy playing the classics of Jazz, Latin and Funk .. We have recorded 2 CDs available through CD baby and and are currently performing at wineries, jazz clubs, and restaurants in Northern California.
Rick Clifford Sax and Percussion
Rick Clifford's first interest in music was sparked by playing guitar in church in 1966. His interest soon spread to saxophone in High School playing swing, jazz and Mo' town in St. Louis. For the next ten years Rick played with a big band featuring ball room dancing styles of music. He's interested in music therapy and utilizes his skills while working with emotionally disturbed children. Rick received his bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri in 1985.
Rick came to California in 1991 and made his home in Sonoma County. He immediately hooked up with local musicians including; Volker Strifler, Willie Jordan, Eric Lindell and Animal Farm. In 1997 Rick was asked to fill saxophone duties in the Pulsators. From his depth in tonal qualities, he is know as Froggy.
Mac Beall Guitar/Song writer
Mac Beall comes from a family of musicians. His brother is principal flautist in the Columbia Symphony Orchestra. Mac studied Piano from the ages of 6 to 8, then played Clarinet to the age of 13. Then he switched to Art as a primary focus until the age of 20 when he was introduced to Guitar. The guitar devoured him and he hasn't been seen since! Seriously folks, he started playing professionally at age 22 in original Rock bands, studied guitar under Jorge Strunz (of "Strunz and Farah") in LA and developed an interest in Jazz. Recently played with the Band "Motif" with Raj Sodhi. Loves to travel world wide and work on his Recording Studio.
Ralph A. Kolarik – Percussionist/Composer
Ralph is a veteran performer of many musical styles and has performed with an array of artists in Northern California. He has played with members of and in such bands as Roy Clark, Cold Blood, WBBH, King Fish, Michael Bolivar, The Chet Baker Group, The Dave Brubeck Group, The Sons of Chaplain, Pablo Cruise, Miles Davis, Tower of Power, Berlin, Norton Buffalo, and Santana. He has a BA in Music from Sonoma State University in California, and currently works in numerous pick-up situations in the Northern CA Bay Area, as well as composing for and performing with Reality Check. He lives in Santa Rosa, CA
Brett Palm plays a fretless Fender Jazz bass and writes many of our best pieces. He lives with a dog named "Bear"