The Pyrotones

The Pyrotones

 Santa Rosa, California, USA

The Pyrotones explore Samba, Swing Jazz and Fusion/World-music to create amazement and fun. Every song makes its own world for you to live in for a moment.


The Pyrotones have been around for about 6 years now. We recently imploded and then rebuilt with Brett Palm and Ralph Koralik who have played with nationally and internationally known musicians. Our band features 3 songwriters at present though we still enjoy playing the classics of Jazz, Latin and Funk .. We have recorded 2 CDs available through CD baby and and are currently performing at wineries, jazz clubs, and restaurants in Northern California.
Rick Clifford Sax and Percussion
Rick Clifford's first interest in music was sparked by playing guitar in church in 1966. His interest soon spread to saxophone in High School playing swing, jazz and Mo' town in St. Louis. For the next ten years Rick played with a big band featuring ball room dancing styles of music. He's interested in music therapy and utilizes his skills while working with emotionally disturbed children. Rick received his bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri in 1985.
Rick came to California in 1991 and made his home in Sonoma County. He immediately hooked up with local musicians including; Volker Strifler, Willie Jordan, Eric Lindell and Animal Farm. In 1997 Rick was asked to fill saxophone duties in the Pulsators. From his depth in tonal qualities, he is know as Froggy.
Mac Beall Guitar/Song writer
Mac Beall comes from a family of musicians. His brother is principal flautist in the Columbia Symphony Orchestra. Mac studied Piano from the ages of 6 to 8, then played Clarinet to the age of 13. Then he switched to Art as a primary focus until the age of 20 when he was introduced to Guitar. The guitar devoured him and he hasn't been seen since! Seriously folks, he started playing professionally at age 22 in original Rock bands, studied guitar under Jorge Strunz (of "Strunz and Farah") in LA and developed an interest in Jazz. Recently played with the Band "Motif" with Raj Sodhi. Loves to travel world wide and work on his Recording Studio.
Ralph A. Kolarik – Percussionist/Composer
Ralph is a veteran performer of many musical styles and has performed with an array of artists in Northern California. He has played with members of and in such bands as Roy Clark, Cold Blood, WBBH, King Fish, Michael Bolivar, The Chet Baker Group, The Dave Brubeck Group, The Sons of Chaplain, Pablo Cruise, Miles Davis, Tower of Power, Berlin, Norton Buffalo, and Santana. He has a BA in Music from Sonoma State University in California, and currently works in numerous pick-up situations in the Northern CA Bay Area, as well as composing for and performing with Reality Check. He lives in Santa Rosa, CA
Brett Palm plays a fretless Fender Jazz bass and writes many of our best pieces. He lives with a dog named "Bear"


CD' s available on CD Baby:
"The Pyrotones"
"Self Destruct in 10 seconds"

See Snocap and CD baby, soon to be on itunes

Set List

Here are 3 sets. We do a few covers, but they are just the coolest ones!

Set 1 Big Mac
Dance Your Daddy
Don't be ridiculous
Straight no Chaser
Dolphin Dance
Blues for Alice

Set 2 Scrapple from the Apple
Blue Bossa
Put That Down
Janie's Song
Follow Your Heart
The Crest

Set 3 Watermelon Man
The River Song
Ruff Riff
Four on Six