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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"San Diego City Beat"

This is the band that every teenage emo-punk girl in San Diego will fall madly in love with. Their website is down so no info's available, but the Q's post-teen vocalist can yelp and squeal and hit a fine pop-punk melody with the best of them. He's unpredictable, even warbly like a Red-Bulled, TRL version of Bright Eyes, but every utterance has that infectious sense of urgency, as though his seedy new gal pal just stole his parents' car, which he borrowed in a desperate effort to make good on puberty's promise. They've got songs about insecurity, high school rocker-girl crushes, about building emotional prisons, etc. the instrumentation is standard-guitar, drums, bass, yada yada-but their combination of emo's ringing exigency, Edge-of-U2 epic melodies and chugga-chugga mall-punk punch makes them the most marketable young band in town. A smart manager would pick these kids up now, 'cause time's tickin' 'til they sell out Soma. The indie snobs might even make 'em a guilty pleasure. - Troy Jonson

"Happy Magazine"

The Q are a quartet from Encinitas. I saw them a few months ago and they blew me away. They're a great live band it comes across loud and clear on their demo. This disc is packed with happy tight pop songs that rock. Imagine the Buzzcocks meet the MC5 with the guy from the Undertones singing. These kids are all good players and they write great songs. Check em out the next time they come to your town and visit them at. - anon


The Q - 7 song EP

Also will be featured on Volcom Records upcoming compilation, "The Only Constant is Change"

Their track Insecure, has been featured on san diego radio stations 91X and FM94.9


Feeling a bit camera shy


Take two parts Carolina, one part Southern California, and top it off with a Brit, and you’ve got the complicated mix that is The Q. Obviously this is a recipe for success considering the rapidly growing fan base that The Q is accumulating in San Diego and beyond. Hey, they sure hooked me!
As they reported to me in their interview, their favorite description of their music so far has been “The Cure being molested by At the Drive In”. If you listen closely, this euphemism reveals itself in The Q's music via quick changes in guitar technique that leave trails of feedback and energy, and vocals poised on the edge of some extreme emotion. But various other influences also peek through their sound such as melodic pop-punk power guitar riffs accompanied by matching bass lines, and both swinging slow rock and pounding punk beats coming from the drums. Generally, thick reverberating guitar, fast-paced drums, and emphatic expressive vocals are The Q’s most exposed traits. Whatever their method of song composition, they’re certainly doing something right. Every song has the capacity to worm its way into your brain and leave you utterly indecisive as to which one is your favorite.
The Q have a bright future ahead of them; a band whose name foreshadows their future success, it’s worth every minute standing in the queue to see The Q.
-Mary Pike-

-Independently have sold over 1000 + cd's-
-Played at the SXSW music Festival-
-Playing on upcoming Vans Warp Tour-