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"The Quails at The Half Moon, Putney"

The Quails
Half Moon, Putney

It's not often that the bar staff at a great music venue like the Half Moon rave about a new band – come on, they've seen it all before. But that's exactly what happened last night when The Quails hit London like a category five hurricane.

The five-piece, from the sleepy Devon seaside town of Teignmouth, blasted through a fantastic set of danceable, quirky indie pop songs that left the audience breathless and begging for more. Front-man singer/guitarist Dan Steer may look like a badly drawn boy but he sounds like the finished article and guitarist Max Armstrong stunned the crowd with some amazing chunky riffs, while every hit-you-where-it-matters song was underpinned by the tightest rhythm section outside an atomic clock, courtesy of bassist Sam Banks, drummer Chris Prentice and rhythm guitarist John foulkes. Talk about a Wall of Sound! Phil Spector, eat your heart out, because these boys sounded like Heathrow the night before a bank holiday.

Teignmouth already has one band that are doing reasonably well for themselves - I think they're called Muse. But here's a tip for you: The Quails are coming, and if anybody asks you how you know, tell them a little bird told you.
Go to www.myspace.com/thequailsband to check them out – and don't miss them when they come to your town. - reviewer: Colin Parish


Hailing from the lovely coastal town of Teignmouth, The
Quails are starting to make waves (excuse the pun!) on
the music scene and 247 decided to catch up with them
to find out what’s happening in Camp Quail. Chris Prentice
gives Ellie Hopton the lowdown.
Dan Steer: singer songwriter
John Foulkes: Rhythm Guitar/Backing vocals
Max Armstrong: Lead Guitar
Sam Banks: Bass
Chris Prentice: Drums/Backing vocals
Give us a run down on the type of music you play,
who writes the songs and the music, is it a band effort
or individually done?
Our music is not always easy to describe, perhaps it’s
post ironic happy-go-lucky scamp-rock for the i-generation,
we’ll let you decide that! Dan writes the lyrics and
melodies and brings it to band practice where the rest
of the band members add styles and ideas to create The
Quails’ sound.
It can’t have been easy forming a band in an area
renowned for bucket and spade days out and OAP
holidays, describe the local music scene in Teignmouth?
Surprisingly, the music scene in Teignmouth is fairly
lively. There are a host of young bands playing original
music and you can always hear live music at one of
the thousands of pubs in Teignmouth, another great
reason we love it here. It’s a nice place and many often
take it for granted how beautiful the surroundings
we live in are. We are very lucky.
Have you all grown up in the area and how did
the band form?
We’re all local lads who have been in numerous
cover bands and felt it was time to start an original
band, so Dan, with catchy tune a-plenty, went
talent spotting around Teignmouth and The Quails were born.
You’ve got a record deal with an indie label, what does
this actually mean in terms of the band’s future?
Their main aim is to get our music out there. There will soon be tracks available
to buy from the shops and download – watch this space!
What would you say has been the band’s main influence
in respect to producing your own sound?
What makes our sound different from the current trend is (this
is the technical part) we draw from an eclectic range of music.
We are all influenced by different types of music from Muse
to John Mayer, to The Libertines and The Killers to Jeff Beck
and The Rolling Stones, there is even room for a bit of extreme
shredding like Vai, Satriani and Guthrie Govan but we try not to
let Max admit this too often! Bless him.
- 247 MAG


Still working on that hot first release.



The Quails are about to take off!

Emanating from the sleepy, seaside town of Teignmouth, The Quails are hoping to make waves in the music industry. Five creative and industrious guys whose set mainly comprises of their own original material, have spent the last year performing live in venues including; Plymouth, Newquay, Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff and London.

Unusually, in a competitive industry, they are eminently likeable and prepared to succeed though their own industry and drive. Since their formation in 2006 they have performed at several charitable events, raising money for the Helen Foundation, Oxjam, Teignmouth Lifesaving Club and the Imprezza charity.

Their quirky, catchy and predominantly danceable tunes are a melodic fusion of Indie-Rock and Pop. Lyrics and melodies are penned by lead singer Dan Steer and further developed by the other four band members into a cohesive end product. Lyrically the songs are endearing and express sentiments and experiences which transcend the generations. Musically they are dynamic and impressive and their live performances engage the audience from the onset.

Band members have an eclectic taste in music ranging from classical, through classic rock to contemporary artists. Inspired by a wide range of musical influences the band has developed their own unique style. With a slightly eccentric demeanour and vocal pitch reminiscent of Robert Smith of the Cure, Dan provides an entertaining front-man. Bassist Sam Banks, guitarist John Foulkes and drummer Chris Prentice collectively form a solid rhythm section whilst lead guitarist Max Armstrong’s formidable riffs provide a musical crescendo.
Sharing the same birth place as ‘Muse’, the Quails would love to follow a similar career trajectory!

The band have just finished recording their debut album at Mojo Studios in Torquay and the release is set to coincide with the launch of their new website.