The Quarry

The Quarry


A Unique rock and roll sound with influences spanning the greatest bands of our generation and past.


Its a rare occurrence in music when the combinations of talent and focus graces rock n roll. In this case, a group from Barrie has given light to the thought. The Quarry consists of 5 members that have rooted themselves in a constant flow of charismatic and concentrated rock alternative. The band originally started with some songs dating back to 3 years ago. After the coming and going of members, the dust finally settled with Jeff, Jesse, Chris, Michael, and Jay to combine all the things needed to make a good band become great.


4 songs at bath
one star sessions
The Quarry EP

Set List

Help is on the Way
Sitting In the City
Woke Up
In the Rain
Best Time
Looking out into the Ocean
Always bring it Back
Wave Recievers

No covers
approx 45 min set.