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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Quest Referenced"

Pastor Joel Gregory - Faith Christian Center
3059 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080

Minister Marcellis Smith
P.O. Box 24895
Detroit, MI 48224

Walter Ward III
blue Flame Lifstyles
313-461-6181 - Kaliber

"The Quest makes the Grade"

First off, I love the album's diversity in perspectives from which
they rap. Having party tunes, testimony tunes about each other,
spoken word, Point of View songs(Adam & Eve), storytelling tunes,
etc. is good.

The song that stands out the most to me is Ghetto Faith. I love the beat and the story from the issue/problem then with the resolution phase. I love that New Breed-style combo rap.
That's the hit of the album to me. My faves in addition to Ghetto
Faith are the Party Joint, A Tale of 2 MC's part I & II, and the Garden. Overall the album is good to me(lB on an A - F grading

Additionally, a lot of the beats were catchy in rhythm but the
overall sound was a notch below a regular mainstream album, even a
notch below what I have gottten used to on most gospel rap albums.

So again overall, I believe the album is good and it will be part of
my rotation of CD's. - Dante Crockett

"Interrupted Eruption"

Attention ye gospel music lovers of old. Ye who revel in tradition, and relish religion. Ye who sneer at urban music devotees, and shun us in church. We interrupt your closed minds and hardened hearts with a nu thang God is doing to reach young people and introduce them to the love of Christ…through the pulsating rhythmic vein of hip-hop.
When gospel artists began lacing the Word of God with metaphors and bass, skeptics raised one eyebrow like the Rock, and by the look on their faces they didn’t smell what, “The Quest” had been cookin’ up during the past ten years. “The Quest,” comprised of anointed husband and wife team Kaliber and 1st Lady (a.k.a. Reginald and Ebony Dockery), have been blazin’ trails of doubt and torching paths of unbelief with God’s unwavering Hand on their ministry. Their highly anticipated CD, “Vocal Eruption,” dropped in May and has been receiving overwhelming support and phenomenal reviews from both gospel and secular camps.
By using lyrical threads and the needle of a fierce D.J. on the 1’s and 2’s, “The Quest” has the gospel hip-hop market all sewn up. “Vocal Eruption” infuses our ears with hood-heartfelt tracks like “Ghetto Faith,” and taints our conscience with truth-speakin’ tracks such as “Triflin'” and “P.H.A.T.C.A.T.S” (you’ll have to buy the CD to discover what that acronym represents, and trust me, it’s not what you think.) Even as individual lyricists, the infectious flow of the Holy Spirit doesn’t quit. Kaliber shreds the mic on “Parallax” while 1st Lady’s spoken word track “Motives” will shonuff’ motivate you to don sackcloth and ashes if you “ain’t been right” lately.

However, without question together they ignite passion and purpose on insightful tracks like “Twice Born”, and “A Tale of 2 MC’s.” Get ready for a praise phenomenon, as “Party Joint” will have your head noddin’ so tough you may end up in need of a neck brace. Meanwhile, “The Garden”…wow. Let’s just say this hip-hop rendition is unlike any other Eden account you may have previously heard, and will have you pressing repeat on your iPod for days.
This interruption has been a “Vocal Eruption” production to those who don’t believe in our hip-hop culture. “The Quest” is preachin’ the Gospel in blue jeans, jerseys, and Timberland boots, and they’re speakin’ the truth in love. To ye doubters that insist “hating” on the style and method in which God has anointed them to deliver the Good News…Kaliber and 1st Lady are children of the Most High God. So then, who are you really dissin’? The truth hurts, doesn’t it, but it’s purpose is to set you free. Break the chains of religion, become boldly vocal about Jesus Christ, and embrace the eruption God wants to perform in your spirit. “The Quest” has an assignment from God, and their journey is just beginning. Listen to the message, and join them on their path to destiny.

- By Ashara Y. Giles


Live Wire - EP October 2002
Vocal Eruption - May 10, 2005
Cypha presents...Mix Tape Volume 1 - January 31, 2006
The Two Became 1 Double CD - May 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


This husband & wife team has one ultimate goal – Infecting people with the reality of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop! They bring another to the script "the two became one".

Armed with a unique sound The Quest stepped on the scene in the summer of 1995. Since the birth of this extraordinary group they have experienced tremendous growth spiritually and musically. The Quest is greatly aware of the needs of urban city hip hop culture. This Hip Hop squad based out of Detroit, MI creates an atmosphere where people may encounter God with their own “Unique Utterance.” As a very diverse group of individuals, they proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through elements of Hip-Hop. As stated by a well respected Hip Hop minister, “The Quest is like none other.”

These hip hop cats strive for excellence in everything they do every time they do it. This reflects greatly during their stage presentation and in their recordings.