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The Quest

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The Quest is one of the Hottest hip hop groups around. Laced with a unique sound they are like no other. Blending word play with bold lyrical content to provide a platinum level hip hop sound.


This husband & wife team has one ultimate goal – Infecting people with the reality of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop! They bring another to the script "the two became one".

Armed with a unique sound The Quest stepped on the scene in the summer of 1995. Since the birth of this extraordinary group they have experienced tremendous growth spiritually and musically. The Quest is greatly aware of the needs of urban city hip hop culture. This Hip Hop squad based out of Detroit, MI creates an atmosphere where people may encounter God with their own “Unique Utterance.” As a very diverse group of individuals, they proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through elements of Hip-Hop. As stated by a well respected Hip Hop minister, “The Quest is like none other.”

These hip hop cats strive for excellence in everything they do every time they do it. This reflects greatly during their stage presentation and in their recordings.


A Tale of 2 MC's Part I

Written By: Kaliber

1978 37th day of the year a baby boy was born in this world with no shed tears.
Though he had to fight through the pressure from his peers wakin’ in the middle of the night facin’ his fears.
From drinkin’ to drugs to smokin’ to dopin’ to bills to hustle to the hood copin’.
Introduced to street life at full throttle not identifyin’ wit a single roll model.
Avoiding addiction of the blunt and the bottle successful odds for him was worse than the lotto.
Then at age 17 the Lord gave him a dream now this motion pictures about to change scenes.
He told him boldness is the key go forth and just believe when I speak you listen grab yo mic and take heed.
This was the unveiling of his holy purpose he had to be distinguished no time to get nervous.
Put to silence the ignorance of foolish men who opened their mouths and revealed themselves once again.
He spoke the truth not lookin’ for no friends with divine manuscript yo he had to dig in.
From the Word he desired to get the most so everyday he prayed boldly in the Holy Ghost.
Now his once twisted life begun to change walkin’ in authority to see Christ heal the lame.
Not seekin’ after all the fortune and fame, but when it comes Jehovah Jireh’s the blame.
Cause He’s the one that brings the rain, remains the same yes sir He changed the game.
Existence switched like a early morning stop light got in a relationship that just wasn’t right.
The girl was like a love connection audience pick cause later on he got stabbed by this psycho chick.
He had a best friend that stayed true through the drama she didn’t jet like Benny or pause like a comma.
She stayed sweet as a flower from the Bahamas this is the one he wanna take home to Mama.
One year they dated another they waited in the new Millennium a marriage they consummated.
The one became two and the two became one growin’ in love daily they havin’ so much fun.
Puttin’ ten thousand and plus more to flight thankin’ God fo’ this ministry marriage every night.
Pursuing extreme excellence in everything he do this story is about Kaliber from that Quest crew.

A Tale of 2 MC's Part II

Written By: 1st Lady

From crap to crown is how she get down and yeah she came pretty far, from confusion to amusement now she shinin’ like a star.
Givin’ her self to spiritual wealth she makin’ millions in the spirit, puttin’ away the old and becomin’ the bold this is deep I hope you hear it.
Livin’ her life to please Christ and yes she has been born twice, the first was a curse, but the second was quite nice.
You see this lady was a maybe she didn’t know who she was, then one day in Word of Faith God brought clarity to fuss.
He told her boldness is the key so go forth and just believe, when I speak you listen grab yo’ mic and take heed.
She knew that it was time that her purpose had arrived so she got ready to go steady cause this offer she couldn’t decline.
She took a step in the right direction and grabbed her Word for protection, she read it and learned about the death, burial and resurrection.
She went further in the Word cause she knew that it was more, then God started to reveal all the stuff He had in store.
She had to rip she used her gifts and brought glory to His name, spreadin’ the Word of Christ careful to bring His name no shame.
On a regular she prayed so her flesh wouldn’t stray, the world was tempting, but rooted in the Word is where she stayed.
The enemy came strong depleting focus from the goal, but Christ said objection and gave her back what he stole.
She was determined to keep goin’ regardless of the storm a girl rippin’ the mic for Christ just wasn’t the norm.
People said she shouldn’t do it, but in her heart she knew she should, preachers said she couldn’t do it, but in her spirit she knew she could.
And because she would she got ready for rejection cause it was knockin’ the devil’s games she was blockin’ cause she knew there was no stoppin’, every mic she could she was rockin’ cause the clock was still tick tockin’ her lyrics on phat beats droppin’ demonic intentions she’s stoppin’ so what’s poppin’?
One day when she was rippin’ at a prison she met this man, he liked her flow and after the show he asked her to be in his band.
She didn’t say yes or no, but they did exchange cards, one year later they got it together and that’s when she became apart.
They grew in love and in the Word and knew that they were meant to be, he put his heart in her hands and asked her to hold the key.
She said yes and they got married still together to this day, destiny met destiny and God sent them on their way.
She is happier than ever still usin’ her gift to rip, she’s careful who gets close cause people can be a trip.
She’s blessed beyond control and can’t nobody stop it, God released His favor in her life just like He promised.
Tribulations come her way, but she know its just a test she passin’ with flyin’ colors givin’ Daddy her best.
Now one thing that’s go’ sho’ is she found favor with the maker, Proverbs 31 is the agenda can’t nothin’ break her.
I know you wonderin’ whose life this is that used to be so shady, its none other than Ebony a.k.a. the 1st Lady.


Live Wire - EP October 2002
Vocal Eruption - May 10, 2005
Cypha presents...Mix Tape Volume 1 - January 31, 2006
The Two Became 1 Double CD - May 2007

Set List

The set changes, depending on the venue. Usually The Quest will mix the set with 3-5 songs for a 20-30 minute set.