The Queue

The Queue

 Southampton, England, GBR

The Queue are a smartly dressed bunch of young men, who are well into their clothes and the mod scene, and i would describe our music as mod /indie / pop.

The band have a solid fan base in their hometown of Southampton and have to date supported Mod revival band From The Jam and Ocean colour scene.


The Queue are an innovative five piece band generating excitement with their energetic no nonsense approach to their own indulgent brand of rock n roll.

With roots deeply set in Southampton, the band have created an authentic sound which combined with their youthful swagger has rapidly established them as a force to be reckoned with.

Band members, Sean Smith, Connor Smith, Scott McGregor, Jamie Ford and Alex ‘Hutch’ Hutchison’s live performances provide an energy filled experience which will leave a lasting impression. Chief songwriter, Sean Smith, will intrigue fresh audiences with his thought provoking lyrics and melodic guitar riffs accompanied by rich bass lines and adrenaline packed vocals.

The Queue have played venues not only in their home town but nationally and are always well received by an ever-growing fan base wherever they play. The band have played a festival in liverpool and several dates in London and Coventry.

Citing influences ranging from the sixties mod scene to nostalgic 90’s Britpop, the band are developing and evolving at an alarming rate. The Queue have created their own unique, energetic sound which promises more exciting times ahead.


New EP just released late 2010 called Enquiring Time, with 5 tracks plus one hidden track.
and early 2010 released album called Evolution which is a full collection of studio sessions which start from a first session in january 08 up to the latest session which finished in february 2010.
on April 10th 2011 we will be doing a live acoustic set on wave 105 fm radio.


top of the world
Halfway High
who the hell are you
hurry up now
where ever you want me to