The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The Quiet Ones is a collection of brothers and friends that plays rock music. The brothers Totten started the band in Tennessee as teenagers in 2002 and now live in Seattle. Their music ranges from Americana to krautrock to pop to punk to folk. Their recordings are only recorded at home.


John Totten began the Quiet Ones as a home recording project in 2002 between his best friends and his two brothers, David and Chris. After two lo-fi records of sunny pop ranging from country to Pavement-esque ramshackle (Your Inner Ear Vols. I and II) the brothers decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. Along their travels they began the recording of an EP, entitled Nite You Surprised Me. This EP was much more produced. Although still recorded in bedrooms and basements, it displays a vast orchestration, drawing on European influences such as Stereolab and Serge Gainsbourg.

Their travels landed them in Seattle, where they began working on their next full length, Better Walk Than Ride Like That. Seatte's The Stranger compared the Quiet Ones to Wilco if Wilco recorded in a "less-than-perfect basement." Better Walk, which was titled in a postcard John received from The Silver Jews' David Berman sounds the most broad of any Quiet Ones record. From the poppy beginnings to the psychadelic middle to the kraut influenced end, Better Walk, which The Stranger labeled "the sleeper hit of the summer" is the longest and most ambitious record they have recorded to date. When the record came out in summer of 2009, the Quiet Ones toured with Blitzen Trapper. They also shared the stage with Fleet Foxes, Two Gallants, the French Kicks, Elf Power, and others.

As of 2010, the Quiet Ones are recording their next full length which they say is the weirdest record yet. As of now, untitled, the record finds the Quiet Ones delving deeper into disparate influences simultaneously, specifically, krautrock and americana.


Your Inner Ear Vol. I (2004)
Your Inner Ear Vol. II (2004)
Nite You Surprised Me EP ( 2006)
Sound of Fog 7" (2008)
Better Walk Than Ride Like That (2009)