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The Quiett Storme @ The Artist Lounge

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Decatur, Georgia, USA

The Quiett Storme @ Club 714

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Quiett Storme @ The Wisdom Supreme Show

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Decatur, Georgia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



A Neo-Soul feel with an R&B swag is the best way for me to describe the new CD by artist Sandra Sedgwick Williams "The Quiett Storme". This artist will knock you on the ground with her new style from tracks like, "Say My Name, My Head Turned, and Someone Else"

The artist's name, "The Quiett Storme" is just as her name suggests. She has crept onto the scene delivering a shower of refreshing lyrics that can't be restricted to one music genre. This CD takes you on a smooth ride of emotional highs and lows, making you want to hear more of what Ms Sedgwick Williams has to share. With just one listen, this work of art will mentally stimulate all the senses and give the listener an exciting out look on life.

You would have to describe this work as unique, powerful, and real. A pleasant break from your everyday styles of entertainment. This CD is well worth your listening.

-Tremika Copeland
Dekalb County DOE - Tremika Copeland Dekalb County DOE

New comer Sandra Sedgwick Williams' new album "Sweet Surrender" is a must have for all the "grown and sexy" out there in the world. ATTENTION LOVERS!!! The sensual energy of this CD and the feelings you will get in your soul...chile, let me say you will have "Kiss Me Again" on repeat all through the night.

"Don't Let Me Down" is a very nice, sweet and subtle pleading to "not" dissappoint budding love. "The Bird Of Paradise" is a gentle reminder of the pleasant yet painful memory of a love long past.
"Ooo Wee Ooo Wee Ooo" is the ode to the "Umph Umph UMPH!" man out there. A very special track on this album, "Don't Forget About Me" addresses the plight of the homeless. Miss Sedgwick Williams presents this poem in a very heartfelt way that plays out in the tone of her voice. One of those rare times in this day and age, when you can hear someone's true heart in their voice.

"Someone Else" is a relatable account of a woman whose heart has found another man to love, while having to let her current man...down easy. "My Head Turned" is an upbeat and saucy account of a woman's noticing that possibly perfect man at a distance...what happends? Her head turns.

"Come To My Arms" is an extremely sensual poem flowing with the sweet love making songs of Patti Labelle, Anita Baker and Luther Vandross. It's a vivid and yearning calling to a lover to do what he does best; loving his woman. "Sweet Surrender" the title track, is self explanatory. Surrendering has never felt sooo sweet as Ms Sedgwick Williams puts it in this sleek and beautiful poem. Lastly but not leastly, "Say My Name" the ultimate dedication to all black women that are fierce, strong, loving and badd to the bone. This is a favorite of the men. "Saying my name, yelling it until the roof shakes and the earth quakes!

Lovers universally should have a copy of this album "Sweet Surrender" by the Quiett Storme. Everyone seems to love to love when it's raining. Let the Quiett Storme rain some love into your life and ignite the poet deep inside of you. She's my favorite "new" artist. Why not let her be yours?

Peace and Blessings

-Alexandra Monet
B$G Entertainment PR

- Alexandra Monet PR B$G Entertainment


Sandra Sedgwick Williams "The Quiett Storme" is no stranger to world of poetry or the art of spoken word. She's been writing poetry so long she sometimes jokes, "When I came out of my mother's womb, I asked the doctor for a pen and paper."
Although she has had several works published in book or article form, this is the first spoken word release.

May 31, 2008 Sweet Surrender



Recently there has been quite a buzz on as B$G Entertainment prepares to launch the anticipated surprise that has emerged as "The Quiett Storme." What started out as a simple quest to catch the attention of famed artist "Ms Anita D Baker" has now evolved as a full CD album for the up and coming production company based in Decatur, Georgia.

Although the artist "Sandra Sedgwick Williams" has in the past published works in various Anthologies, newspapers (such as the Tacoma Facts located in Tacoma, Washington) written plays and books that have done rather well, she is most known for her appearances in her One Woman Shows as "The Good New Poet." Ms Williams was also often requested to do many public readings for the Church of God in Christ in Hampton, Newport News and Portsmouth, Virginia. Her style of hand clapping, foot stomping, singing and sometimes rapping poetry has moved people in her circle of influence to laughter, deep thought and sometimes tears.

A long time fan of Anita D Baker, Sandra Sedgwick Williams began to get the urge to write for this great artist. After completing registration with ASCAP in 2007, Ms Williams joined with her son Co President of B$G Entertainment, and began writing a collection of lyrics and testing them out on her blog on The poetry was overwhelmingly received wtih rave reviews and flooded with words of encouragement landing Ms Williams a quest spot on Author Speaks, hosted by the author of "The Passion Within" Ms Michele M Green. Requests for pre sales of the CD soon began flowing into the company emails. As the sultry words of poetry merged with the soft masterfully moving music composed by Mr Benjamin Sedgwick and Ms Sara Gibson....the explosively passionate art of Psoemetry was born. (so-em-etry)
It was quickly decided that the trio would produce a CD not just for presentation to Ms Baker, but to release for actual sale. Madison Radio picked up on the artist and featured a few of the tracks from the album by now named "Sweet Surrender" in the rotation.

After a few months of struggles and obstacles to overcome, this album will be ready for launch and release May 31, 2008 and will be presented at The Gallery Bistro located at 2575 Westley Chapel Rd in Decatur, Georgia 30035.