The Quit

The Quit


The Quit can be described as an energetic indie rock band with a knack for catchy hooks. Emotionally charged vocals, driving guitars, complex rhythms and melodic bass lines combine to create a unique, yet accessible sound.


The first 2 members of The Quit met at the turn of the century in a smoky dorm room in upstate New York. Flash forward to Seattle, add one tight rhythm section and an Indie pop band known as The Quit was born.

On May 6th 2008, The Quit released their first full-length album titled ‘Minus Tide’. Teaming with Engineer/Producer Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective), the album was recorded at Gravel Voice Studios, a 100 year old church converted into Colburn’s home studio. The debut album’s 10 songs combine organic sounds with pop melodies and subtle sonic effects.

The Quit's debut album was placed on rotation on 90.3 KEXP and received regular airplay on 107.7 KNDD and 89.3 KAOS. In the June '08 issue of Seattle Sound Magazine, 'Minus Tide' received 4 out of 5 stars and the song 'Faster' was selected as the Single of the Month. The Quit also received positive press coverage and reviews from Seattle Weekly, the Wig Fits All Heads,, Caught In The Carousel, Seattle Power Pop, and 3 Imaginary Girls.

The Quit have honed their energetic live set playing throughout Seattle at venues such as The Showbox, Neumos, Crocodile Café, and The Comet, among others. They recently played Seattle Weekly's Reverb Festival and played the Georgetown Music Festival and Seattle Weekly’s Artopia Festival last year. Over the past 2½ years they have generated an enthusiastic, loyal fan base in the Seattle area.

The Quit has shared bills with The Femurs, PWRFL Power, The Dimes, and others. The Quit continues to play Seattle and the Northwest regularly and has a West Coast tour scheduled for September.

With the release of the album, The Quit look forward to touring and playing to as many people as possible.


The Quit - Minus Tide (5/08)
The Quit - Self Titled EP (9/06)

Set List

Dark Days
Rebel Eyes
Black Jacket