The RA-6600

The RA-6600

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

RA-6600 is the model # of an 8-track stereo from the 1970s and the name of our duo consisting of just live piano, drums, and two vocals.

Original pop melodies and punk abandon converge to create "lo-fi pop bursts" inspired by 20th century top 40 radio –always accessible and a pleasure to consume!


Named for a high wattage 1970s eight-track stereo, The RA-6600 is an all-original vocal duo with piano and drums. It combines the pop melodies of Daniel Olivas and the punk abandon of Mark Medley to create "lo-fi pop bursts" not unlike AM radio of the mid-twentieth century. The songs are instantly accessible and under two-minutes-fifty. In 2012 an eponymous debut EP The RA-6600 was recorded live to analog tape and released on Popnami Records. With a combination of catchy, well-crafted songs, stylish aesthetic, and dynamic two-man live performances, The RA-6600 have attracted public and critical acclaim.

Longtime members of the Nashville music scene, Olivas and Medley met for the first time in 2010. Veterans of all kinds of bands (rock & roll, country, hardcore, swing, pop, rockabilly, singer/songwriter, et. al.) they wanted to do something different by making as much noise possible with just piano, drums, and vocals. Instantly they realized they were onto something special. According to Mark, “At the first meeting Daniel unveiled songs like ‘Nonversation’ and as I played along it worked so well we laughed ‘til we cried.” From this initial all smiles session a prolific do-it-yourself partnership formed with a repertoire of dozens of original songs.

Several months later they joined forces with Michael Godsey, an old friend who had just formed Popnami Records in Shanghai, PRC. The RA-6600 EP was originally intended to be an iTunes only release, but was soon expanded into a full-blown CD project. Songs were recorded live at Fry Pharmacy, a vintage recording studio in Old Hickory, Tennessee and digitally mastered by Godsey in Shanghai. Shockingly, as he completed work on the record in May 2012, Michael Godsey passed away –ending plans to market China and leaving the band to finish the record on their own. With its release in July 2012, The RA-6600 marks the beginning of a whole new story.

A love affair with twentieth-century consumer culture is evident in their AM radio, late night TV, pop art aesthetic, but The RA-6600 is beyond simple imitation and nostalgia. Olivas and Medley celebrate the past as a source of inspiration as well as a point of departure for something new, here, and now. The future of The RA-6600 includes more songs, more live performances, more videos, visuals, a singles collection, and a vinyl release. According to Mark Medley, “This thing is the ultimate art project!”