The Rabble

The Rabble


The Rabble are New Zealand's most prolific punk rock influenced acts. With guts, attitude and finesse, the band look good and sound good. They flant the stereotypes but dismiss the negative aspect to punk rock.


A three-piece band based on the Hibiscus Coast of Auckland, New Zealand - dedicated to bringing an onslaught of soulful and unique Punk Rock! Forget the stereotypes, what you've heard or think you know. This is a band that lives for Rock 'n Roll, who gig relentlessly and know exactly how to get the kids tearing up a moshpit!

Formed by brothers Rupe and Chazz in the tedious summer of 2000 (aged 15 and 14) the 'aptly named' The Rabble wasted no time in getting out of the garage and onto the stage. Seven years and hundreds of live shows later, the band has undergone several line-up changes without ever losing integrity, loyalty, the vision or more importantly - the core players!

Adopting the D.I.Y spirit that is Punk Rock, The Rabble has been doing it BY themselves and FOR themselves for years. Having avoided signing to any major labels thus far, they have written all original material, put on their own shows, setup their own recording studio and put out their own CD's. With an attitude similar to that of one of their heroes - the late Joe Strummer who stated "one of my pet hates are the punk police" - this is one group who isn't going to follow any trends to fit a mould!

Releases to Date:

'No Clue, No Future' - debut long player featuring the "already Kiwi Punk classic" 'Take a Walk' and the Celtic-influenced hit single 'Carry On.' Followed up closely by the...

'This is Our Lives e.p' - an 8 track/enhanced CD bursting with contagious guitar riffs, "stirring, anthemic choruses and barbed vocals." Including the popular singles 'Friday Night' and 'The Coast Song'

With their newest - the highly anticipated 'The Battle's Almost Over' The Rabble present 16 tracks of well-thought out, heartfelt anthems - including the hard and fast 'This World is Dead' featuring Mark of Bostons' heavyweights The Unseen and mixing from Jim Siegel @ The Outpost, Massachusetts (Dropkick Murphy's, Brain Failure, Far from Finished, Blood for Blood etc.)

The Rabble have both a local and growing international fan base who just want to hear good old-fashioned quality music, executed both live and on disk and with this band - that is exactly what you get, nothing more - nothing less!


Song: "Seeking"
Album: "The Battle's Almost Over..."
Release: November 2007

Song: "The Coast Song"
EP: "This Is Our Lives"
Release: May 2007

Song: "Friday Night"
EP: "This Is Our Lives"
Release: December 2006

Song: "Carry On"
Album: "No Clue, No Future"
Release: December 2005

Albums / CDs:

The Battle's Almost Over...
Year: November 2007
Type: Album

This Is Our Lives EP
Year: November 2006
Type: EP

No Clue, No Future
Year: March 2006
Type: Album

Set List

- Salvation
- Tommy Was...
- Sing With Me
- Who I Am
- The New Generation
- Friday Night
- Devils Highway
- The Battle
- Wasted Days
- Nosebleed
- Enemy
- Start Again
- Take A Walk
- The Coast Song
- Carry On (last song)
- Seeking