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"NZ Herald Album Review"

Verdict: Local rabble rousing punk rock kings nail second album

To have voices like brothers Chazz and Rupe Rabble you either start drinking Wild Turkey from a very young age, gargle razor blades instead of Listerine, or - and this is most likely for these lads - wear it out with hundreds of gigs.

The thing constant gigging ensures is tight playing, so it's no wonder the Rabble's second album, The Battle's Almost Over, is grunty and adventurous rather than sticking to a strict punk rock formula. The vicious Sick and Tired, with a fancy bass solo, morphs in multiple directions, there's the hoe-down punk of Devil's Highway and the bagpipes on The Battle are inspired.

Elsewhere there's the more traditional punk of This World Is Dead, featuring Mark Unseen from Boston's The Unseen, and the rolling pop punk of Seeking before it's rounded off by the belligerent chug of City of Sin.

Rating: 4/5 - NZ Herald

"Big Cheese Album Review"

Raising a middle finger to the world, these leather clad street punks certainly can pen some infectious, rousing songs. Formed back in 2000 by the mohawked Chazz (vocals/guitar) and Rupe (vocals/drums) the band has built their reputation over the last seven years in their native New Zealand over a mini-EP, hundreds of gigs and several line-up changes. Forming when Rupe and Chazz were just 15 and 14 respectively, their debut full length, 'No Clue, No Future', showed stunning maturity and spawned the homeland hits 'Take A Walk' and the Celtic-esque 'Carry On'. Followed shortly after by their 'This Is Our Lives EP', it was obvious from these 8 tracks and the success of singles such as 'Friday Night' and 'The Coast Song'. Now in their early twenties and completed by Jamie (bass/vocals), this punk rock machine is rolling on, with the recent release of their second album 'The Battle's Almost Over'. The hardcore b luster of single 'This World Is Dead' (featuring guest vocals from The Unseen frontman Mark) and the fist pumping, infectious anthem 'Seeking', complete with the soulful intro/outro, show why these guys are so exciting. Mixed by Jim Siegal at The Outpost, Massachusetts (Dropkick Murphys, Blood for Blood, Brain Failure), the album tears out of your stereo like a pack of ravenous wolves. - Big Cheese Magazine


- "The Battle's Almost Over"
Includes the singles "Seeking", "Start Again" and "This World Is Dead"
- "No Clue, No Future"
Includes the single "Carry On"

- "This Is Our Lives"
Includes the singles "Friday Night" and "The Coast Song"



"Musically, this New Zealand trio has talent coming out of every pore and have truly perfected their craft." - MutinyZine

"...A sound that is the band's own and it's a formidable, tumultuous, pulsating Punk Rock beat that's as addictive as it is enjoyable!" - Scannerzine

Like a banner of hope rising in the midst of a battalion of soldiers; The Rabble hit the scene - joining in the march of a new generation. With an onslaught of soulful Punk Rock, they paint a picture of spirit in the face of adversity - with tales of life, death, love and hate. The unrelenting trio from Auckland City, New Zealand: dedicate their lives to bringing the enthusiasm back to Roll 'n Roll. Forget the stereotypes - this is a band whose sound is tearing down the barriers of commercial mediocrity!

The story begins with brothers Chazz and Rupe in the monotonous summer of '01 - at the young and angst-ridden ages of 14 and 15. With the sounds of '77 reverberating in their souls and out of a sheer desperation for something other than what a day-to-day society has to offer - The Rabble were born! Eight years and hundreds of live shows later; the band are as resilient as ever - having survived multiple line-up changes, coming out humbled, with a fierce determination and without ever loosing their vision, their integrity, or more importantly - their core-songwriters.

Current day see's the brothers teaming up with Jamie Douglass on bass guitar. Having paid his dues on the stage in another local Punk Rock outfit: The Fire Is There and with refreshed and solid bass-lines once again behind the beat - The Rabble is at the top of their game!

Look out for the band next year in a city near you, as they tour relentlessly in support of their latest delivery: "The Battle's Almost Over" - "a coming of age record for the band, one that sees it transcend the boundaries of routine but good Punk Rock and move into the territory reserved for genre-defining innovators." - Scannerzine

'The only future is the one you make!'

More Information:
- Latest album "The Battle's Almost Over" debuted at #16 on the IMNZ Top 20 Album Chart (NZ)
- Album was mixed by Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphy's, The Unseen)
- "This World Is Dead" features special guest Mark Unseen of US punk heavyweights The Unseen
- The Rabble appeared on major music festivals including the Big Day Out, the Taste Of Chaos and have also shared stages with bands such as Alexisonfire, Sick Of It All and Comeback Kid