The Raccoon's

The Raccoon's


Following the roots of blues to express the actual indie post-grunge sound; loud, thick, vintage colored. The melodic path that could go through distortion from hell, is the way we express our touch and sensitivity. Minimal and grandiose at the same time, we just play what we feel rock'n roll is.


Founded in may 2005 by The Ghaust from the band Groundlift, singer song writer, guitar player and sound engineer at O patro Vys. He was searching for a Dave Ghrol type drummer to record new songs. Looking for an indie-vintage sound from the Melvins to old country blues, Vince Vega came with his Fugazi drumming influences. Only one piece of the cake was missing: Mister West, the voodoo Louisiana bass and lapsteel player.

When visiting the veterinarian clinic, for a cat's broken leg, The Ghaust saw a picture of a raccoon shown as a threat to domestic animals, humans included, he thought the raccoons would one day take over our planet. So was chosen The Raccoon's as the name of the band.

The Raccoon's have done three offical shows; two were at l'O patro vys, on Sepember 29, 2006 and on the first of June 2007 and one took place at the Quai des brumes on May 1rst, 2007. The shows were well acclaimed. Working on an E.P. for almost 6 months now, six songs are about to be mastered by Stacie Legalle. You can listen to two of them," Deadstone" and "Jupiter", at Known for the trance of their performance, their western spaghetti look and their artistic stage set-ups as well as for their vintage distorted sound, The Raccoon's are there to participate with integrity to this religion called rock'n roll.


Deadstone, Jupiter, When the Fool's around and No Disease the songs you can hear at

Set List

Our typical set list includes about 12 songs:
1- J.F.K.
2- No Disease
3- 100 Years
4- Lucy
5- Jupiter
6- Deadstone
7- Willy
8- Virginity
9- The Nicest Costume I Have
10- The Mark on my Face
11- Scarecrow
12- When the Fool's Around

We basically have one set of about one hour 15 minutes, only original songs